Theses by GSIS Students


Year / Month Major Title Name
2020 / February Int'l Area Studies A Study on the Assiatance Programs for Multicultural Students
Hye Sun Hwang
2020 / February Int'l Area Studies Success Factors of Amazon in Japanese E-Commerce Market
Joon Ho Chung
2020 / February Int'l Area Studies Maritime Security Cooperation Between Indonesia and Japan focused on Maritime Forum
Desica Ana Nuruljanah
2020 / February Int'l Area Studies China-led MDBs as Diplomatic Instrument: A Case Study of AIIB and NDB
Seul Ah Kim
2020 / February Int'l Area Studies Political Perception of Chinese Students Attending SNU
Da In Kim
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Deciphering the Role of the Privotal Party in Triangular Cooperation
Mi Ri Moon
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation A Study on Determinants of North Korea's Foreign Policy: Why did North Korea Decide to Have nuclear Negotiation with the 1994?
Dong Ho Shin
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation An Analysis for Factors of the United States INF Treaty Withdrawal-Focusing on the Arms Control Condition Changes
Dae Soon Kwak
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Domestic Human Rights NGOs and State Socialization in the UN Human Rights Regime: A Case Study on South Korea
Hyun Shin Jun
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Korea's Commercial Sex Trade: Implications through the Jeju Island Case
Mikayala Regine Neyens
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Countering Terrorist Propaganda and Speech in the Information Age: Comparative Study on the Legal Provisions in the United Kingdom and the United States
Soo Chung Kim
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation From Colonisation to Globalisation: a Comparative Study of Music Industry Development in Ghana and Senegal
Justine Bigot de Preameneu
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation How Historical Memories become Heuristics-The Korean War, Emotions, and the origin of Juche Ideology
Ji Su Lee
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Compare and Contrast Rural Developmetn Movement in Japan, Korea, and China: Focusing on the Governance and Financial Structure
Su Min Min
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation 'History Education and National Identities in the 19th to the 20th Century of Invasion History: A Comparison of Korean and Chinese Senior High School History Textbooks
Da Jung Ryu
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Decoding Foreign Aid with Chinese Characteristics: Path Dependence of China's Foreign Aid Policy
Hyeon Jong Min
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation U.S. Balancing Strategies in the South China Sea Dispute and China's Behavioral Change: Case Studies of U.S.-Philippines and U.S.-Vietnam Cooperation during the Obama Administration
Jeong Gyun Cho
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Soft Power to Get Sweet or Go Sour: A Comparative Study of Japan's and South Korea's Attractiveness and Accessibility Factors towards Thai Tourists
Silsupa Wiwatwicha
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation France and United States Relations under the Prism of the North Kroean Nuclear Issue
Ines Alexandra Delforge
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Russia and China Energy Cooperation: Why Russia is still Important to Today's China? An Analysis on Sino-Russia Energy-Cooperation in Cured Oil and Natural Gas-
Leiqi Jia