Official Notice


Date Title Name
2021-07-19 GSIS Class Operation in Fall 2021(2021학년도 2학기 국제대학원 수업 운영 안내) 0.1MB adm-academic
2021-07-15 2021 Fall Semester Tuition Fee Payment 1.7MB adm-academic
2021-07-02 2학기 수업 운영 방식 안내 The Course Operation Policy for The Second (Fall) Semester of 2021. adm-academic
2021-06-29 SNU Global Scholarship for Fall 2021 0.6MB adm-academic
2021-06-28 [KOICA] 서울대학교 국제대학원 ODA 영프로페셔널(YP) 모집 공고 0.1MB adm-academic
2021-06-14 Registration for 2021 Fall Semester (Registration, Return, Readmission, Leave of Absence) adm-academic
2021-05-13 BK생활관 입주 신청 안내 [Announcement for Residency Application at BK Residence Hall] 1.5MB adm-academic
2020-08-28 ZOOM Students Guide(학생용 Zoom 사용법 안내) 1.9MB adm-academic
2020-07-28 국제대학원 시설물 사용규정(SNU GSIS Facility_Rules and Regulations) 35.7KB manager
2017-04-12 타교 수학 안내(Taking Courses at Another Institution) 0.4MB adm-academic
2013-09-05 사회봉사활동 체험수기 공모계획 0.2MB gsisadmin
2013-08-30 SNU-GSIS Africa Day and Essay Competition 1.1MB gsis
2013-08-30 Additional Chance of Tuition Fees Payment for the 2013 Fall Semester 9.6KB gsisadmin
2013-08-20 Trip to the SEOUL BAEKJE??MUSEUM 0.6MB gsisadmin
2013-08-16 2013 스리랑카 정부초청 장학생 선발안내 0.2MB gsisadmin
2013-08-12 CAMPUS Asia UT Dual degree for Korean students 0.9MB gsis
2013-08-02 Tuition Fees Payment for the 2013 Fall Semester 0.8MB gsisadmin
2013-07-30 SNU GSIS Program on FTA Business and Strategy 20.5KB gsis
2013-06-13 Submission of the Course Credits Confirmation Sheet for Expected Graduates Students Who Have Completed All Coursework, Spring 2013 0.5MB gsisadmin
2012-07-17 Campus Asia Program Courses, 2nd semester 2012 gsisadmin
2012-07-10 [IMPORTANT!]Course registration for Students in their extra semester of study gsisadmin
2012-02-16 Revised regulation on the English proficiency examination for the Qualifying Exam gsisadmin
2008-11-04 Course Registration of Other Univ.(타교수학 안내) 61617