Official Notice


Date Title Name
2020-11-19 [KOICA] 서울대학교 국제대학원 ODA 영프로페셔널(YP) 모집 공고 21.6KB adm-academic
2020-11-16 A Call for Scholarship Application for 2021 Spring (2021학년도 1학기 장학금 신청 안내) adm-academic
2020-11-06 서울대학교 국제대학원 4단계 BK21 사업 선정 manager
2020-10-22 Course Registration for 2020 Winter Session(2020학년도 동계 계절학기 수강신청 안내) adm-academic
2020-08-28 ZOOM Students Guide(학생용 Zoom 사용법 안내) 1.9MB adm-academic
2020-07-28 국제대학원 시설물 사용규정(SNU GSIS Facility_Rules and Regulations) 35.7KB manager
2017-04-12 타교 수학 안내(Taking Courses at Another Institution) 0.4MB adm-academic
2013-11-28 Application for BK International House 0.1MB adm-academic
2013-11-08 EPOG Erasmus Mundus Master's Course - Call for applications open 1.5MB gsis
2013-11-07 Submission of thesis proposal and final draft thesis (- Nov. 12) jayoo
2013-11-07 2013 재학생 동계 단기 해외연수 지원 계획 30.5KB jayoo
2013-11-06 Freie Universitat Berlin GEAS Doctoral Fellowships 2014 0.1MB gsis
2013-11-04 러시아 National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) Winter Program 장학생 모집 30.7KB areum
2013-11-01 MBC 글로벌 홈스테이 ‘집으로’ 촬영 참여 희망자 모집 stona0704
2013-10-29 Extra Chance for payment on Thesis Screening Fee jayoo
2013-10-23 Information Session on Outbound Student Exchange Program for Fall Semester 2014 admin
2013-10-18 Ecology& Security Field trip to Yanggu-gun 10KB jayoo
2013-10-17 2013 Winter, Course Registration Schedule 16.5KB areum
2013-10-14 Course Mid-term Evaluation, 2nd Semester 2013 areum
2013-10-08 국제대학원 2013학년도 제2차 교수 초빙 공고(Faculty Job Openings 참조) 0.1MB stona0704
2013-10-08 Final Registration of Research Student, 2nd Semester 2013 jayoo
2013-10-07 2014/2015 이스라엘 정부초청장학생 선발요강 공고 0.1MB areum
2013-10-07 2nd Payment of the Tuition Payment Plan Due jayoo
2013-10-04 Application for Doctoral Thesis Examination, 2nd Semester of 2013 0.2MB jayoo
2013-10-04 Application for Master's Thesis Examination, 2nd Semester of 2013 0.1MB jayoo
2013-10-02 KOICA-GSIS Intern wanted for Conference in Indonesia admin
2013-09-24 International Law qualifying exam gsisadmin