[Issues and Perpectives] Revisiting 'Security Roads' and Transport Infrastructure

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On 2018-11-16



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Title: "Revisiting 'Security Roads' and Transport Infrastructure: Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam) and South Korea's Formative Construction Industry, 1954-1973"

Speaker: John P. DiMoia

Moderater: Tae Gyun Park (GSIS, SNU)

Debater: Jeong Hun Han (GSIS, SNU), Erik Mobrand (GSIS, SNU)

Date and Time: 11.16(Fri.) 12:00-13:30

Venue: GS Room, GSIS, SNU (Bldg. 140-1, 201)

Organizer: SNU GSIS and Toyota Motors Korea

Language: English


*Sandwiches and refreshments are provided.


Event Date : 2018-11-16
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