The 31 st International Helsinki Days 2018

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On 2017-02-04



The 31 st International Helsinki Days 2018

International Helsinki Days (IHD) is an international seminar organized by the Student Union of Hanken School of Economics.
Every year approximately 35 students from all around the world take part in the IHD seminar. The aim with the seminar is to introduce you to Finnish business culture, economy and lifestyle. At the same time we make new friends and have an awesome week!
This year the IHD seminar is arranged for the 31 st time.

How to apply:
Applications to the International Helsinki Days 2018 seminar will be sent by e-mail to by the 12 th of December 2017. Feel free to be creative and include video
clips, pictures or other media in your application. We still want you to AT LEAST provide the
following information in order for your application to be accepted:
- First name
- Last name
- Gender
- Date of birth
- Nationality
- Telephone number
- University
- Major subject
- Year of graduation
- Allergies
- T-shirt size
- Contact person in case of emergency
- Contact person’s telephone number
- Do you have travel insurance?
- Have you visited Finland before?
- Describe Finland in three words

And most importantly:
- A description of yourself
- Why should we choose you to the seminar?
- What do you expect from the IHD week?

This information is used to screen the applicants and make necessary preparations for the week.
Unfortunately we can only accept a limited number of participants to the seminar- so be quick and apply today!
If you have any questions about the International Helsinki Days 2018 seminar or the application process,
feel free to contact our International Coordinators, (

Event Date : 2017-02-04
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