Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2010-04-12 One Alliance, Two Lenses: U.S.-Korea Relations in a New Era DL admin
2010-04-09 UN Ideas That Changed the World DL admin
2010-04-08 What is happening in East Asia and beyond? - With reference to the Korean Economy DL admin
2010-03-19 La Gestion des Crises Regionales et Globales DL admin
2010-03-08 Recent Trends in the Asian Economy and the Japanese Economy DL admin
2009-12-02 Energy. Dawn of New Era of Challenge & Collaboration DL admin
2009-11-12 Asia Pacific Regional Forum on Industry DL admin
2009-11-10 “Sixty is the New Forty” (or is it?): Reflections on the Health of the Chinese Body Politic DL admin
2009-11-04 Guangdong Global Leadership Program (G-GLP) DL admin
2009-10-29 Global Recession and Asian Economies DL admin
2009-10-04 The World Trade Regime, WTO and Large Scale Economic Crises DL admin
2009-09-24 Regime Change in Japan DL admin
2009-09-16 IDB - Structure and Functions DL admin
2009-09-04 An Overview of the Political and Economic Climate of the Asia Pacific DL admin
2009-07-27 An Evaluation on Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il DL admin
2009-07-26 2010 KOREA-CHINA-JAPAN INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL “Enhancing Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia DL admin
2009-06-12 Korea's Progressives and Conservatives: Who They Are DL admin
2009-06-04 G-20 Summit: Achievements, Prospects and Korea's Role DL admin
2009-05-14 A Paradigm Shift: Female Temporary Workers and the New Employment Model DL admin
2009-05-15 Korea-Japan Cooperation Symposium DL admin