Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2007-11-04 Guangdong Global Leadership Program (G-GLP) DL admin
2007-10-29 Bound Together - A History of Globalization DL admin
2007-10-25 U.S. Policy Toward North Korea: Containment and Engagement DL admin
2007-10-17 How to Do Internship in Washington D.C. DL admin
2007-10-08 Political Changes in Japan and Asian Diplomacy DL admin
2007-10-08 Industrial Policy: Its Relevance Today DL admin
2007-09-17 The Global Research University DL admin
2007-09-14 US Policy toward East Asia and the Korean Peninsula DL admin
2007-07-01 2007 KOREA-CHINA-JAPAN INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL “Enhancing Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia DL admin
2007-05-29 Does Japan Have a "Normal" History? DL admin
2007-05-17 Living With Debt: How to Limit the Risks of Sovereign Finance DL admin
2007-05-14 Why George Bush Should Visit North Korea? DL admin
2007-05-10 Japanese Nationalism and Asia’s Reconciliation DL admin
2007-05-02 What Should the Developing Countries Do in the Context of the Current Impasse of the Doha Round? DL admin
2007-04-26 Enhancing Friendly Communication, and Creating a hand in hand Bright Future DL admin
2007-04-18 Peace and Prosperity through Integration: An Italian Perspective on European Experience and Asian Ch DL admin
2007-04-09 Chinese Communist Youth League Delegates Visit to SNU DL admin
2007-04-09 The Foreign Exchange Market of Korea DL admin
2007-04-04 Working for International Organizations DL admin
2007-03-22 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Korea DL admin