Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2014-04-29 Appreciation Ceremony for Madam Sochon Younghi Park gsis
2014-04-08 Challenges and Opportunities of Post-Bali Trade Negotiations DL gsis
2014-03-31 GSIS Annual Symposium 2014: Korea at the Crossroads 43.9KB DL gsis
2014-03-17 The Nexus Between Theory and Practice in International Affairs 3.8MB DL admin
2014-03-13 11th International Development Policy Seminar DL gsis
2014-03-05 Debunking the Myth about China’s Low Consumption Share DL gsis
2014-01-28 2014 GSIS Alumni Reunion gsis
2014-01-13 The 1st International Development Forum 2014 gsis
2013-12-24 민주당 의원들과의 간담회 admin
2013-12-10 10th International Development Policy Seminar: Post-2015 development agenda-Challenges anD OPPORTUNITIES FOR CIVIL SOCIETY DL gsis
2013-12-17 Prospects of DDA (Doha Development Agenda) and the Future of Multilateral Trading System admin
2013-12-07 The Indigenization of Politics in Latin America: The cases of Peru and Bolivia gsis
2013-11-26 최근 한일관계에 대한 미국의 입장 DL gsis
2013-11-18 Korea's Task and Strategy in Global FTA Competition 0.9MB gsis
2013-11-14 The City as Method: Locating Seoul in Korean Studies DL gsis
2013-11-13 The OSCE: A Regional Model of Security Co-operation? gsis
2013-12-05 Dialogue with Madame Christine Lagarde DL gsis
2013-11-14 Water and Water Policy gsis
2013-10-30 Conversation with Director of the U.S. Congressional Research Service: Role of CRS & U.S. Policy in Asia DL admin
2013-10-31 The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: the final blow to the multilateral trade regime? DL gsis