Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2012-03-12 The Implications of Northern Irish and Basque Separatism to the Unification in Korea DL admin
2011-11-30 Nuclear Security Summit: A new Institutionalized Process to Address Global Issues DL admin
2011-11-30 Current Issues in Immigration Policy DL admin
2011-11-28 Japanese Political Leadership and Governance System Reform DL admin
2011-11-15 The Monitor Society, Techonology, and Korea's Future Vision DL admin
2011-11-14 Secrets of Corprate Expansion: From a Business Point of View DL admin
2011-11-09 Alumni Mentoring Session IV for Career in Korean Research Institutes DL admin
2011-10-24 China and the WTO: Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of Membership DL admin
2011-10-06 Career Mentoring Session II for International Organizations DL admin
2011-09-29 The Paradigm of President Park Chung-Hee's Economic Development DL admin
2011-09-16 Alumni Mentoring Session for Career in Korean firms DL admin
2011-06-02 How to View China DL admin
2011-05-31 America's Asian Anxieties: A View from Washington DL admin
2011-05-19 The Cost of Justice in Civil Litigation DL admin
2011-05-09 Language and Economic Progress in the Age of Globalization DL admin
2011-05-02 Asia's Challenges in the 21st Century DL admin
2011-04-28 Korea-US FTA : The Untold story DL admin
2011-04-25 Allies in Battling Global Climate Change DL admin
2011-04-04 Nonverbal Communication in Diplomacy: Gesture, Gift, Food and Music DL admin
2011-03-28 Global Green Growth Institute 2011 Summer Internship Program DL admin