Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2014-10-29 GLIMPSE Day admin
2014-10-24 History Wars in Asia : What can be done? admin
2014-10-29 US Attitudes toward Korea: Growing Support for a Solid Relationship admin
2014-10-22 South Korean Development Actors in Africa: promoting rural development and participation? 0.4MB DL admin
2014-10-23 Hunger and Poverty in Afghanistan and WFP Response admin
2014-10-08 European Integration - The role of the Legal Service of the European Commission admin
2014-10-15 Introduction of ADB's Project Cycle: From Identification to Post-Evaluation admin
2014-10-13 Cultural Diplomacy Viewed through Passed Bill on 'East Sea' Name in the Global Era 0.2MB DL gsis
2014-10-01 미래 한국 경제와 기업 경쟁력 강화 전략 0.4MB admin
2014-10-02 The 1st SNU Global PPP Forum [제1회 서울대학교 글로벌 민관협력 포럼] 0.6MB jayoo
2014-10-01 The Project Cycle of ODA and the Role of Expert : Focusing on OICA's Activities DL admin
2014-09-23 제 13차 국제개발정책학 세미나 0.2MB admin
2014-07-25 한일관계의오늘과 미래전망: 도쿄도에서 바라본 시점 gsis
2014-07-15 U.S. and Northeast Asian Geo-Politics in 2014 gsis
2014-06-02 Dialogue on the U.S. Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region gsis
2014-05-21 Balancing the Local and the National in ROK-US Relations gsis
2014-05-15 The Current Status and Role of the WTO: Multilateral Trading System DL gsis
2014-04-25 Power Transition in East Asia and Korea-Japan Relations: Middle Power's Perspectives gsis
2014-04-24 12th International Development Policy Seminar DL admin
2014-04-29 Appreciation Ceremony for Madam Sochon Younghi Park gsis