Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2015-10-23 Abenomics and Currency Wars among East Asian Countries DL admin
2015-10-01 Capacity-building and economic Development in North Korea - the Experience of Hanns Seidel Foundation admin
2015-09-24 한미 원자력 협력 협정: 개정 협상의 경과및 평가 DL admin
2015-09-23 Nutrition Support to Children and Women in North Korea DL admin
2015-09-18 Empowerment & Capacity Development for Sustainable Development in Laos 18.4KB DL admin
2015-09-15 The 2nd SNU Global PPP Forum 0.7MB DL admin
2015-09-15 제2회 서울대학교 글로벌 민관협력 포럼 9.2KB admin
2015-09-15 포스트 도쿄시대와 새로운 한일 관계 DL admin
2015-09-17 Sports and Nationalism in Latin/Latino America DL admin
2015-09-08 Ambiguous Accountability: The In-Between World of Public-Private Partnership DL admin
2015-09-09 Toward a Low-Carbon Economy: Ways to Enhance Global participation 1MB DL admin
2015-08-28 The WTO at 20 Conference DL gsis
2015-07-13 사회적 경제와 시민정치의 발전 DL admin
2015-07-02 Why Less Inequality Benefits All DL admin
2015-07-01 서울대학교 중국연구소 2015년 콜로키움 0.1MB gsis
2015-05-28 ISSCO Conference @ Seoul “East Asia and the Chinese Overseas" 1.6MB DL admin
2015-05-20 5th International Development Policy Seminar 16.1KB DL admin
2015-05-13 South Korea and the US Nuclear Umbrella: Extended Deterrence and Nuclear Weapons gsis
2015-04-30 Visualizing Postwar Tokyo admin
2015-04-29 FTA Negotiation in Practice: Korea-EU FTA DL admin