Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2013-10-30 Conversation with Director of the U.S. Congressional Research Service: Role of CRS & U.S. Policy in Asia DL admin
2013-10-31 The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: the final blow to the multilateral trade regime? DL gsis
2013-11-06 The World Bank Group Webinar - Employment Opportunities for Young and Motivated Individuals gsis
2013-10-25 Faculty Seminar: 가감없는 안보현실과 대응방향-공군의 입장에서 gsis
2013-10-11 GSIS Sports Day DL gsis
2013-10-18 Emerging Issues in International Development : Beyond aid to somewhere? 38.1KB DL admin
2013-09-26 Economic Development Policy Seminar DL admin
2013-10-01 Exchange Programme Information Session, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies admin
2013-09-16 Food Assistance at times of war: The case of Syria admin
2013-09-10 Global Citizenship Education as the Foundation for a New Education in the 21st Century admin
2013-09-13 SNU-GSIS Africa Day and Essay Competition admin
2013-07-25 Constructing Trust Building and Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia admin
2013-07-12 The Future of Korean Studies DL admin
2013-07-09 U.S. Pivot to Asia and Asia’s Responses DL admin
2013-06-24 International Development and TVET DL admin
2013-06-17 Development Strategies of Korea and China DL admin
2013-06-07 Towards Education for All: Development of a Post-2015 Education Agenda DL admin
2013-06-05 Africa's Journey toward sustainable Development and Its Potential Partnership with the ROK DL admin
2013-06-03 Without A Captain at the Helm DL admin
2013-05-30 De facto Integration of East Asia Economies DL admin