Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2016-02-17 위안부 합의와 향후 한일관계의 전망 admin
2016-03-04 Information Session 2 for the FTA Commerce & Strategy Program (Spring, 2016) 24KB DL admin
2016-02-25 Information Session 1 for the FTA Commerce & Strategy Program (Spring, 2016) 8.9MB DL admin
2015-12-03 한국개발정책학회 동계 세미나 Winter Seminar on Korean Development Policy 0.2MB admin
2015-12-04 UNESCO and Education in a Changing World: Global Education Agenda Perspectives from Asia-Pacific admin
2015-11-19 글쓰기와 생각쓰기 DL admin
2015-11-12 Pros and Cons of TPP DL admin
2015-11-16 Negotiations for a Strategic Economic Cooperation Agreement DL admin
2015-11-18 Korea-US Cooperation to Reshape East Asian Regional Architecture DL admin
2015-11-11 The European Union and China: Awkward Partners in Changing Times admin
2015-11-06 한국 통상정책의 발전 방향과 과제 DL admin
2015-11-05 전자 상거래 통상규범의 주요 동향 및 현안 DL admin
2015-11-04 Japanese Innovation: CCC가 지향하는 생활제안의 미래 0.1MB DL admin
2015-10-23 시진핑 중국의 국내외 변화와 한 중 관계 gsis
2015-11-17 INTERESTED IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS? /Brown Bag Lunch on U.S. Graduate Programs in International Affairs admin
2015-10-16 GSIS Sports Day 2015 Fall admin
2015-10-26 Advancing Social Sciences with Korea: Social History, Grand Strategy, Diplomacy, and Demography 2.1MB admin
2015-10-14 중남미 출신 기업가, 한국에서 글로벌 기업을 경영하다 A Latin Managing a Global Company in Korea 3.4MB admin
2015-10-23 Abenomics and Currency Wars among East Asian Countries DL admin
2015-10-01 Capacity-building and economic Development in North Korea - the Experience of Hanns Seidel Foundation admin