Theses by GSIS Students


Year / Month Major Title Name
2017 / August Int'l Commerce Rise of China: Threat or Benefit to ASEAN 5
Yvonne lim Xin Yee
2017 / August Int'l Commerce Possiblity of Monetary Integration between Mainland China and Hongkong
Lee, Hei Tung
2017 / August Int'l Commerce US Trade Remedy Actions in the Steel Industry and Its Political Linkages
Youn, Ji Sun
2017 / August Int'l Commerce Mobile Payments in Global Trade Governance
Kim Ayoung
2017 / August Int'l Commerce Energy Trade in the World Trading System
Lee, Young Min
2017 / August Int'l Commerce The Consistency of China's Safety Requirements with International Standards: A case Study on Lithium Ion Batteries
Lee, Sung Shin
2017 / August Int'l Commerce (Ph.D) Global Value Chains (GVCs): Theoretical Integration, Extension, and Empirical Analysis
Yin Wenyan
2017 / August Int'l Area Studies (Ph.D) Why Local Officials in China Work So Hard: The Penetration of Ideas, Interests, and Institutions
Lee, Jae Young
2017 / February Korean Studies 일제하 만주지역에서의 독일 상트 오틸리엔 베네딕트회 수도원의 활동- 교육사업을 중심으로, 1921-1945년
Isabella Jukas
2017 / February Korean Studies The Community They Build and Live In: Emergence of Transnational Solidarity of Women through K-Pop Fandom Focused on K-Pop Idol/Singer/Actor Kim JaeJoong Fandom
Crystal Moon
2017 / February Korean Studies 라틴아메리카에서 한국의 문화 외교: 칠레 세종학당 사례를 중심으로
Madeleine Alejandra Solano Ascencio
2017 / February Korean Studies 한류에 대한 언론 및 인터넷 담론: 티파니 욱일기논란과 쯔위 대만기논란 사례분석
Wong Pheak Zern
2017 / February Korean Studies 국내 고려인 이주자의 사회적 통합 현황: 카자흐스탄 고려인 이주자 중심으로
Bichuinova Zhibek
2017 / February Korean Studies 1992년 한-베트남 수교의 국내외적 배경에 대한 연구
Tran Thoai Nha Dan
2017 / February Korean Studies A Comparative Study on the Foreign-invested Companies' China Market Entry Strategies after the Reform and opening Up: The Cases of Amorepacific and Shiseido
Jung, Bo Kyung
2017 / February Korean Studies 해외 기술이전의 결정요인에 관한 연구-일본의 묘죠식품과 한국의 삼양식품을 중심으로
Yanagimachi Satoshi
2017 / February Korean Studies 한국에서 맥아더 평가에 대한 연구
Bona Robin Byron
2017 / February Korean Studies 지역성과 결혼관의 관계-대구의 대학생과 대학원생 사례를 중심으로-
Lee Akino
2017 / February Int'l Area Studies The Effect of Emergence of China on Trade Specialization in Latin American and ASEAN Countries
Koh, Anna
2017 / February Int'l Area Studies 中?高等?育改革????“??森之?”
Jeong, Jeong Hyun