International Studies Library (ISL)

The ISL, located on the 3rd and 4th floors of building 140-1, was incorporated into a branch of the SNUL (Seoul National Univ. Library) in April 2006. The library holds mainly research materials in the areas of International Commerce, Cooperation, Area Studies and Korean Studies. In August of 1992, the ISL was designated as Korea's "EUI" by the EU Commission.


Institute of International Affairs (IIA)

The Institute of International Affairs (IIA) is Korea’s primary research center for interdisciplinary studies on issues related to International Commerce, International Cooperation, International Area Studies, and Korean Studies in developing and transitional societies. Most of the Institute’s activities support academic exchanges with other researchers, governments, and corporate institutions worldwide and publish annual reports, journals, and working papers for international research. IIA also presents recent studies and findings on current issues to the Society of International Studies in Korea.


Institute for Japanese Studies (IJS)

The Institute for Japanese Studies was established on November 19, 2004, and seeks to contribute to building peace and fostering prosperity in East Asia through systematic and comprehensive research of Japan. Solidly grounded upon past efforts to create a basis for Japanese research including collecting and organizing Japan-related material, establishing information networks, supporting research, engaging in academic and scholarly exchanges, and being keenly aware of the changes in today’s domestic and international environments, the institute aims to explore new directions in Japanese research. The Institute for Japanese Studies strives to lend critical support to Korea’s Japanese research and education and actively pursue and provide a new framework for Japanese research in the international community. IJS has been selected as a HK (Humanities Korea) research center for overseas studies in 2008 with the agenda of ‘Life world of contemporary Japan’. Building on its achievements to date, IJS is now moving forward with the vision of becoming a global center for Japanese studies providing alternative paradigms and perspectives.


Center for EU Studies

The EU Center was established by the EU Commission as the Korean hub for education and research on the EU. In addition to regularly sponsoring a wide variety of meetings, seminars, forums, and conventions, the Center also conducts special educational programs and comprehensive research projects. It also publishes scholarly articles, and seeks to promote Korea-EU cooperation through sponsoring scholarships and exchange programs for specialists and scholars.


Socheon Center for Korean Studies

As the Korean culture gains popularity throughout the world, Korean Studies is garnering more attention as well. Well acknowledging the importance of Korean Studies, Madam Socheon Young Hi Park has generously donated 100 million won for further research on Korean Studies and for the establishment of the Socheon Center for Korean Studies. The Socheon Center opened in June 18, 2013. The Center’s aim to foster Korean studies through international seminars and lectures, and also to give GSIS students opportunities to experience and learn more about Korean studies and Korean traditions.