Ahn, Dukgeun

Full-Time Professor

Ahn, Dukgeun / 安德根

Professor of International Trade Law and Policy

Office : Room 310, Bldg. 140-2

Tel. (82-2) 880-9249 Fax. (82-2) 879-1496

E-mail : dahn@snu.ac.kr

Assistant Contact : olivia1113@snu.ac.kr


Dukgeun Ahn, is Associate Dean of GSIS and Professor of International Trade Law and Policy. Professor Ahn has taught at various universities including Singapore National University, University of Hong Kong, University of Barcelona in Spain, World Trade Institute in Switzerland and the KDI School of Public Policy and Management in Korea. In addition, he has advised several developing country governments, international organizations as well as various Korean ministries on trade law and policy issues such as World Trade Organization (WTO) disputes, trade negotiation and trade policy making. Professor Ahn is currently working as a Commissioner of the Korea Trade Commission and served as a Member of National Economic Advisory Council. He is also listed as a panelist candidate for the WTO dispute settlement as well as the Korea-US FTA and Korea-EU FTA. He received Award by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy of Republic of Korea, 2004; Award by the Prime Minister of Republic of Korea, 2005; Simdang Academic Excellence Award, Korea Association of International Trade Law, 2012; and Award by the Minister of the Interior, 2015. He works as an editorial board member for many academic journals, including Journal of International Economic Law (Oxford University Press) and International Trade Law (Quarterly Journal of Ministry of Justice). Professor Ahn holds both Ph. D. in Economics and J.D. (Member of New York Bar) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

In English:

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In Korean:

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  • Treatise on WTO SPS/TBT Agreements (Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2000)
  • Treatise on WTO General Agreement on Trade in Service (co-authored, Korean Ministry of Justice, 2000).
  • Treatise on GATT/WTO Subsidy Agreements (Korean Ministry of Justice, 2003).
  • Treatise on WTO Safeguard Agreement (Korean Ministry of Justice, 2006).
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