Call for SNU President Fellowship - Spring 2020

Official Notice

1. Overview
Recognizing its global social responsibility, Seoul National University launched the  「SNU  President Fellowship」 to provide opportunities to faculty members of major universities in developing countries of Asia to pursue Ph.D. degrees at SNU. Based on the recognition that the main driver for national development of Korea has been its human capital, Korea is now responsible to share its experiences with other developing nations.

2. Details of the Award
A recipient of SPF will be awarded the following for the first three years of their program:
 •  Full tuition fee for six semesters
 •  KRW 1,500,000~2,000,000 monthly stipend for 4 years*
 •  A round-trip airfare(economy class based on GTS system)
 •  Korean language training (only evening class during semesters)
 •  Group Medical Insurance(only for an awardee)

3. Eligibility
An applicant must be BOTH:
 •  a faculty of major universities WITHOUT Ph.D. degree from developing countries in Asia, Africa, South America etc.
 •  newly admitted to SNU as Ph.D. student for 2020 Spring semester

※ Note: Selection priority will be given to faculty members from major universities in developing countries in Asia, Africa, South America etc..

4. Research Areas
Applicants can apply to pursue PhD in any research areas but selection priority will be given to applicants doing exceptional work in engineering, medicine, public health, agriculture, developmental studies, Korean studies and etc.

5. SPF Application Timeline for 2020 Spring Semester
○ Application Deadline: 22 November (Fri.), 2019
   Please submit the application form and other required documents by post or in person to the GSIS administration office (140-1 bldg., #302).
※ Address
: 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (08826)
  Administration Office at Graduate School of International Studies (140-1 bldg., #302), Seoul National University
  SPF Scholarship Coordinator

○ Interview/Virtual Interview : Early December, 2019
○ Announcement of selected SPF Applicants: December, 2019

6. Required Documents for SPF

 •  SPF 2020 Spring Application Form (including study plan)
 •  Certificate of Employment (as a faculty member)
 •  Recommendation Letter from the Dean of Affiliated College at SNU
 •  Video Link(Research and Teaching Achievements, Study Plan, Goals after Graduation)

     - Students could submit video file using the specified method(Vimeo, Youtube)
     - Presentations are limited to 5 minutes and competitors exceeding 5 minutes are disqualified.
 •  Candidates with the Recommendation Letter from the Dean or President of your current university are given preference.

7. For Further Information and Enquiries
○ Graduate School of International Studies(국제대학원) :, +82-2-880-8505
○ Office of International Affairs(국제협력본부):, +82-2-880-2519 (Ms. Yoo Ri Kim)

※ Attachment: SPF 2020 Spring Application Form