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※ This Guide has been translated into Korean, Chinese, English.

You can download them as file from OIA website->Notice Board






Ⅰ. Visa Application

1. Study Visa(D-2)

2. Study Visa(D-2) - for Chinese Student Only

3. Certificate of Admission


Ⅱ. Sojourn Management

1. Immigration Information

2. General Sojourn Management

3. Extension of Stay

4. Visa management for students who complete their courses or graduates

5. Participation in Uncertified Activities for Current Sojourn Status



Ⅲ. Office of International Affairs(OIA)

1. International Student Card

2. Visa Management according to School Registration Change








Inquiries: International Office Coordinator,, 02-880-4447


Ⅰ. Visa Application


Study Visa(D-2)

If you are planning to study in Korea, you must apply for a relevant visa at an overseas Korean embassy or consulate. The application procedure may vary according to the embassy or consulate, so it is advised to check with your local Korean consular officer, and the expiration date on your visa may not match the end date of your degree program or employment contract. If your visa expires before you complete your tasks, you will need to apply for a visa extension at the Korean Immigration Office.(Korean Tel. 1345, Home page:


A. Student Visa(D-2) Details

-You MUST possess the visa for study abroad prior to enrollment

-If a student possesses other type of visa, he/she is required to visit the Immigration Office for confirmation of study abroad eligibility with their current visa.(Other types of visa eligible for study in Korea: F-2, F-4, F-5 etc.)

※However, there are restrictions for holders of pure tourism and group tourism(C-3-2), medical tourism(C-3-3), industrial training(D-3), non-professional employment(E-9), vessel crew(E-10) or miscellaneous(G-1) visa

-Even if you possess a valid visa for study abroad, you MUST apply for an update before the start of a semester to reflect the affiliated school information on your visa. (Contact information and etc.)

※ If a student fails to obtain an approval for study abroad on his/her visa but continues to pursue his/her studies as an international student in Universities in Korea, he/she will be imposed a fine.


B. Required Documents for D-2 Visa Application

① An application form(form No. 34), passport, a color photo, fee

② A copy of certificate business registration of the educational institute

③ An official acceptance letter(issued by the dean/president of the university)

④ Documented proof of final level of education


China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Peru

⑥ Documented proof of family relationship(an original and a translated version)

⑦ A document of degree/diploma certified in accordance with the apostille convention

⑧ A document of degree/diploma confirmed by the Korean consul stationed in the country where the school is located or by the consul of the country stationed in Korea

⑨ A certified report of degree/diploma issued by thew China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center(only those who acquired a diploma/degree in China)

⑤ Documented proof of your financial ability(amount of money equivalent to the tuition fee and living expenses for 1 year: $13,000)


2. Student visa(D2) for Chinese students only

- Chinese students need ‘visa issuance number’ which can only be issued through the university officer in charge. The result of visa issuance number will be noticed through students’ personal email address. Once students get the number, they need to visit Korean embassy/consulate in China to get study visa(D2).

- Refer to the document submission instructions at ‘New International Students

Reference Guide’ and submit all of the required documents to the Office of

International Affairs via email( by the stated deadline.

- All documents MUST be delivered as attached ZIP file through email after scanning

all the documents by following the guidelines of the in orders. (File format: ‘jpg’. File name: Korean or English).


※ For questions and issues related to document submission, please contact:

- Office of International Affairs (Kim, Jin)

- E-mail: (Title/subject: Visa Issuance Certificate)

- Tel.: +82-2-880-4447


3. Certificate of Admission

- The certificate of admission is an official document which is approved by Ministry of Justice and issued by Seoul National University

- The document approves admission to regular degree course of an individual foreign student at SNU

- The document is only required for international student during visa application

- If any modification/re-issuance of the document is required, students should contact the OIA officer in charge


※ Contents

1) Personal information

2) School official to receive notification of student’s arrival in Korea

3),4),5) Level of education, course duration

6) Korean proficiency(3):

-The student has the required Korean proficiency

-The student is not yet proficient

-Korean proficiency is not required

7) Average costs for one academic year of 2 semesters: The average cost for 1 academic year include tuition fees and living expenses is $13,000 according to the official announcement of Ministry of Justice

8) Students’ means of support:

-Student’s personal funds

-Sponsor’s support

-Scholarship sponsored by the Korea Government, University, Government of the students’ home country or others

-Fund from other source


Ⅱ. Sojourn Management


1. Immigration information

? Immigration Centers in Seoul

1) Seoul Immigration Office

-Location: 319-2, Shinjeong 6 dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul

-Subway line no. 5, Omokgyo Station, Exit no.7


-Tel.: 1345 (without area code)

-Jurisdiction: Seoul (Excluding the Jurisdiction of Sejong Branch Office), Gwangmyeong, Seongnam, Anyang, Hanam of Gyeonggido


2) Seoul Immigration Office Jongno Branch

-Location: 64-1 Seorindong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

-Subway line no. 1, Jonggak Station, Exit no. 6


-Tel.: 02-731-1799

-Jurisdiction: Jongno-gu, Jung-gu, Eunpyeong-gu, Dongdaemun-gu, Jungnang-gu, Dobong-gu, Seongbuk-gu, Gangbuk-gu, Nowon-gu of Seoul


?1345 Immigration contact center

1345 Immigration contact center opened to provide information to foreigners in Korea regarding immigration, visa, sojourn and nationality over the phone, by dialing 1345 from anywhere in the country. Immigration contact center provides counseling over the phone in 17 foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Myanmarese and Arabic.


? E-application is available at

All applications granted through e-application service of the Hi Korea hold an equal validity as those granted through a visit to the Immigration office.



-Notification of change in registration information

-Permit for participating in activities not outlined by the current status of stay

-Notification of change of residence.

-Extension of stay for registered foreigners



?For detailed information or downloading forms regarding immigration, please visit the website for foreigners) and (Korea Immigration Service)


2. General Sojourn Management

Inquiries: Korean Immigration Center. Tel. 1345, Home page:


A. Foreigner Registration★

?Application period: within 90 days from the arrival date at the immigration office or branch office under the relevant jurisdictions

?Required documents: Application, passport, 1 color photo(3x4cm), Enrollment Certificate, Fee


B. Notification of Change in Registration Information

?If any of the following happens to registered foreigners, the changes of the registration details must be reported to the local immigration office within 14 days from its occurrence.

?Report items: name, sex, date of birth and nationality, passport number, issued date and expiry date, change of school

?Required documents:

-An application form(form No. 34), passport, alien registration card

-Documents proving the name change or change of other personal information(where applicable)

-A certificate of attendance from the new shool and a certificate of previous enrollment from the previous school(where applicable)


C. Penalty

If you fail to report any changes or get proper permission from Korea Immigration Center, penalty up to ten thousand dollars will be charged according to Korean immigration law


3. Extension of Stay

?Period of sojourn will be granted in consideration of the school calendar

?you can apply for extension of stay 2 months before visa expiration day

?If you are taking a temporary leave due to personal circumstances or poor grade, you may be restricted from applying for extension

?Common required documents

-An application form(form No. 34), passport, alien registration card, fee

-A certificate of attendance

-A transcript

-Documented proof of your financial ability

-Scholarship certificate(if any)

-Tuition fee payment receipt

※ Additional Required documents

-Confirmation Form for Faculty Advisor on a Student's Thesis Schedule


4. Visa management for students who complete their courses or graduates

A. Educational transition to higher level

- Required documents : proof of application , tuition fee payment receipt, a plan for entering school, official document by university which proves student admission process, etc..

- Permission period limit : 6 months


B. For students who prepare thesis after course completion

※ Visa extension after course completion

?Visa extension will be restricted according to students’ academic schedule. Especially for students who completed their course, they will be permitted to stay only 1.5 years (master’s course), 3 years (Ph.D. course). Students MUST graduate within the period under ant circumstances.


① Undergraduate Course

- Subject : Students who could not pass graduation test or could not finish their thesis for graduation

- Required documents : confirmation form for faculty advisor on a student’s thesis schedule, documented proof of your financial ability, statement of reasons

- Permission period limit : within 6 months to 1 year after course completion


② Master’s Course

- Subject : Students who complete Master course, but could not finish their thesis for graduation

- Required documents : confirmation form for faculty advisor on a student’s thesis schedule, documented proof of your financial ability

- Permission period limit : within 1.5 years after course completion
(Primary permission-within 1 years, final permission-within 6 months)


③ Ph. D. Course

- Subject : Students who complete Ph. D. course, but could not finish their thesis for graduation

- Required documents : confirmation form for faculty advisor on a student’s thesis schedule, documented proof of your financial ability

- Permission period limit : within 3 years after course completion

(Primary permission-within 2 years, final permission-within 1 years)

※ If you accompany family members to Korea, you need to prove financial ability of your family members as well.


C. Change visa for seeking job in Korea(D-10)

- Subject : students who are seeking jobs in Korea

- Permission period limit : within 6 months to 1 year


5. Participation in Uncertified Activities for Current Sojourn Status

You may only engage in activities that students usually do as part-time workers


A. Part-time Work for Foreign Students

1) Eligible Individuals

-A D-2 study abroad recommended by an academic advisor(assistant professor or higher. D2)


2)Required Documents

-passport, alien registration card, an application form(form No.34), fee

-Recommendation letter for part-time work of foreign student, a transcript or a certificate of attendance


3) Activities Allowed

?Time limit

- Undergraduate course: up to 20 hours per week

- Postgraduate course : up to 30 hours per week

- On thesis after completing postgraduate course: up to 30 hours per week

※ Time limit does not apply to holidays(including Saturday) during the semester and the vacation


?Activities Allowed(examples)

- Translation/interpretation, assistant clerk at restaurants, office assistant, etc.

Activities at English village or English camps as a sales clerk, a waiter/waitress or assistant staff

Tour guide assistant, sales assistant at a duty-free shop, etc

※ Even the activity you intend to engage is one of the allowed activities mentioned above, you must be qualified for the occupation (if the job requires specific qualifications of the domestic laws)


?Change of Workplace: Change workplace (under a different employer) within the allowed period

-Reporting method: International students themselves must report by visiting an immigration(branch) office in person or filling e-application within 15 days of the date of change.


?Extension for Period of Part-time Work

※ Restricted individuals

-If your latest semester’s attendance rate is 70% or lower or GPA is C(2.0) or lower, you will be regarded as having a difficulty maintaining job and study at the same time.

-If you fail to register detailed information of you part-time job conditions(workplace, working hours, etc) or if you haven’t reported after changing workplace, you will not be allowed to extend the period of part-time work.

*  More information, please contact the Office of International Affairs at SNU.(, Tel. 02-880-4447)
   Application form : Attached

Ⅲ. Office of International Affairs

1. International Student Card

-All international students MUST submit the ‘SNU International Student Card within 15 days after starting their first semester to the Office of International Affairs(OIA) via Email.

-The form of ‘International Student Card’ can be downloaded from OIA website:, -> <International Student Card>

-International students MUST report any changes especially regarding visa to OIA and update their card until graduation

-A copy of passport and visa should be attached with International Student Card

-Please fill the card in English only, and leave a blank if not applicable.


※ For questions and issues related to document submission, please contact:

- Office of International Affairs (Kim, Jin)

- E-mail: (Title/subject: International Student Card)

- Tel.: +82-2-880-4447

- Address: Office of International Affairs (CJ International Bldg. #152)

Seoul National University, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742, Korea


2. Visa Management according to Change in School Registration

If school registration change such as ‘leave of absence, drop-out, graduation and dis-enrollment etc..’ occurs during the academic period, student visa will automatically cancelled within 30 days from the date of recognition. when the change occurs, students need to report to OIA within 15 days from the date of recognition, and leave Korea with in 30 days.


※ The date of recognition is the date when the actual change in academic affairs information occurs.

※ If students want to return to the school after their leave of absence, they MUST apply for new student visa or change visa type to D-2 before starting their school. In this case, OIA will re-issue the certificate of admission upon individual requests.


○ Registration change items: an unregistered person, a dropout, a person on a leave of absence, an expelled person, a graduate or a person who completed the course, a person who acquired Korean Nationality

○ Officer in charge: Offie of International Affairs, 02-880-4447,