Official Notice


Date Title Name
2018-10-22 Course Registration for 2018 Winter Session (2018학년도 동계 계절학기 수강신청 안내) 5.9MB adm-academic
2018-06-19 학내 컴퓨터 대상 Adobe 프로그램 삭제 안내(2018년 6월 30일 계약만료) 0.2MB manager
2018-06-04 Extension of Thesis Submission Period/ Final Research Student Registration for Thesis Submission (Fall 2018) 26.2KB adm-academic
2018-05-30 Course Credit Confirmation (Expected students who are expecting to complete all coursework)4학기 이상 수료예정자 이수학점확인신청서 제출 0.1MB adm-academic
2017-04-12 타교 수학 안내(Taking Courses at Another Institution) 51KB jayoo
2013-11-28 Application for BK International House 0.1MB adm-academic
2014-02-05 CAMPUS Asia : University of Tokyo dual degree Selection (Korean only) 48.2KB gsis
2014-02-03 Registration of Research Students for the Spring Semester, 2014 jayoo
2014-02-03 2014학년도 GKS 우수자비유학 장학생 선발 안내 0.1MB stona0704
2014-01-28 2014학년도 1학기 국가근로장학 학생 신청 안내 2MB stona0704
2014-01-27 Pick up the transcript of 2nd semester 2013(~3.7) jayoo
2014-01-27 Tuition Fees Payment for the 2014 Spring Semester jayoo
2014-01-27 2014 이스라엘정부초청 박사후과정생 모집 0.1MB stona0704
2014-01-27 신입생 S-Card 발급 안내 9.3MB jayoo
2014-01-27 How to make student ID card (for International Student) jayoo
2014-01-24 Lee&Won Asian Fellowship(~1.26) 1.9MB jayoo
2014-01-24 EU-ICI Program: Dual degree at ESSEC Business School 35.8KB gsis
2014-01-24 신규 입사생 선발(독지가가 운영중인 외부 숙소) 15KB jayoo
2014-01-23 Attention : Regarding 2014 Spring Semester Course Registration stona0704
2014-01-22 Winter Seminar on Economics (for Incoming Students) jayoo
2014-01-21 GSAPS, Waseda University is recruiting PhD candidates in International Studies 0.2MB admin
2014-01-20 2014 대만대표부 초청 어학연수장학생 선발안내(~3/13 목까지) 42KB jayoo
2014-01-17 2014 대만정부초청 장학생 선발 안내 0.1MB stona0704
2014-01-15 OIA Exchange Students (Europe) for 2014 fall gsis
2014-01-15 2014학년도 1학기 학자금 대출 신청 안내 27KB stona0704
2014-01-15 2014년도 인도정부초청장학생 모집 계획 공고 49.5KB stona0704