[Campus Asia] Field Trip to Gunsan

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2019-05-03 Last updated: 2019-05-13

On May 3rd to 4th of 2019, Campus Asia students went on a two-day field trip to Gunsan, the city combined the history of Korea, Japan and China. This Gunsan field trip gave CAMPUS Asia students a chance to get closer to GSIS students, having traveled with Prof. Sheen’s “East Asia Security Strategy” class’ students. Students visited many historical sites, such as Dongkuk Temple made by a Japanese monk, Japanese style Hirotsu House, Oversees Chinese history museum which tells the story regarding ‘jajangmyeon and jjampong’. Moreover, students have also paid a visit on a famous modern cafe in Gunsan named ‘Old Brick’, which remodeled from a warehouse. Every one of these places has its own value.

Also, for the sake of better communication among students, CAMPUS Asia team and the class students had been divided into 4 groups to have a photography competition. Different groups went to different places in Gunsan to show their activity, creativity and cooperation. After the 2-hour of free time, students have gathered together and discussed about distinguished themes and ideas. Besides, team members could get along with each other more easily through this activity. They shared different cultures and perceptions, which was able to provide students with indirect experience of other countries situations.

On the next day, students went to the Seonyu island to relax and enjoy the sceneries. Students had one of the most memorable times in 2019 Spring semester Campus Asia Program activities. All of them showed great interests regarding Korean history and East Asia international relation.