[44th International Devleopment Policy Seminar] Seoul Pyongyang Smart City

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2019-04-16 Last updated: 2019-04-19

The 44th International Development Policy Seminar was held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. The lecture, entitled “Seoul Pyongyang Smart City: New Direction of Economic Development in North Korea”, was presented by Dr. Min, Kyung-Tae, a Solution Designer for the Yeosijae Consensus Institute. The lecture was attended by the 11th batch DCPP Students, Professor Jeong Hyeok, and other graduate students. Many topics related to a new economic collaboration between the two Koreas were discussed, including the development of “smart cities” in North Korea. Dr. Min explained how the concept was favorable to North Korea due to several reasons: demolition or modification of preexisting infrastructure is mostly unnecessary; the mobile communication system skip the gradual development process and opt for the latest technological outcomes; there exists legal advantages, especially considering North Korea’s potential SEZs and the complex legal process involved in developing new cities in South Korea; and the lack of private ownership of property, state ownership of natural resources, and military forces that could be potentially mobilized for civil construction in North Korea bring down construction costs. Furthermore, there are many vested interest groups in South Korea and the rise of opposition groups are more likely in South Korea. Therefore, building a testbed in North Korea for new technological application by South Korean businesses and institutions can be a viable win-win situation for both Koreas.