[Campus Asia] Final Presentation Day

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2018-12-03 Last updated: 2018-12-03

On December 3rd, Campus Asia students participated in the final presentation. The first group presented about the drinking culture in three countries, China, Japan and Korea. As countries in the East Asia region, they have analyzed various types of drinks that differ from country to country including the drinking culture such as customs and events. The second group presented about the fashion trends in China, Japan and Korea. They looked at the fashion history starting from the 1980s and the present time and made us think could fashion be considered as a way of contributing to CJK’s unification. The third group presented about the wedding culture in China, Japan and Korea. The students explained about the wedding history, and the content further led on to various wedding events that are being held in three countries today. The fourth group presented about the job hunting in China, Japan and Korea. Just as the other groups, the students introduced the job hunting environment that differ among three countries, but young people who are working hard to get a job was a commonality that we all share. For the finale, the students have received prizes as a reward for their hard work they have put in the presentations.