[Asia and the World] Cooperation and/or Cooperation? - Dean Takahara, Akio

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 Last updated: 2018-06-04

The fourth distinguished lecture of the “Asia and the World” public lecture series for 2018 was held on May 24th in GL Room. Supported by Toyota Motor Korea, the lecture entitled “Cooperation and/or Competition?: Conflicting Trends in East Asia” was presented by Professor Akio Takahara, Dean of the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo. Throughout the lecture, Professor Akio Takahara discussed the topics of globalization, regionalization and stumbling blocks in East Asia as a well-known scholar in the field of contemporary Chinese politics and international relations. Professor Akio Takahara emphasized the importance of global and regional networks in bringing about stability in East Asia. The lecture was followed by an active Q&A session and it ended with the presentation of an appreciation plaque and a photo session.