[Campus Asia] Field Trip to Busan

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 Last updated: 2018-05-04

On April 28th to 29th of 2018, Campus Asia students went on a two-day field trip to Busan, the second largest city and the largest port city in South Korea. The students visited many sites, including Taejongdae, Yong-Gung Temple, Haeundae Beach Nurimaru APEC House, Jagalchi Market, and Gukje (International) Market. Every one of these places has its own value. Especially, as international studies students, the student were able to visit the very same place where 2005 APEC Summit meeting was held and other places are the landmarks that visitors should see when visiting Busan. Moreover, they enjoyed famous Busan delicacies, such as hweh (raw fish) and various fish stews. During the evening session, students discussed about North-South Korea meeting, East Asia-U.S. relations, and discussion and suggestion on Campus Asia program with Professor Jeong Jong-ho, who gladly joined the trip to interact with the students in the program. Students also spent time together and had a chance of getting to know each other better. Students had one of the most memorable times in 2018 Spring semester Campus Asia Program activities.