BESETO DDMP-Final _Presentation

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 Last updated: 2018-02-13

On February 11 of 2018, just after the Pyeongchang trip, BESETO students were to have a final presentation to wrap up their two-week program. Professor Jeong Jong-Ho, Professor Song Jiyeoun, and Professor Ahn Dukgeun gladly joined to hear the presentations. The first group presented about “Life as a Female in China, Korea, and Japan”. The presentation mainly illustrated the current existence of gender inequality in all three countries by comparing stats of women’s involvement in economy and those of men. The second group mainly focused on “a Comparative study on AIDS epidemic in China, Japan, and Korea”. Basically, the presentation mainly discussed about sexual education and the current situation of viral infections in all three countries. Lastly, the third group entitled their presentation as “Asian Fairytales” and mainly discussed 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics, 1998 Nagano winter Olympic, and upcoming 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic in Japan; 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics and 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics; and 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and impending 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The presentation was primarily about mascots, symbols, and the message of the athletic contests. BESETO students showed magnificent work just within 2 short weeks and the program was concluded successfully.