GSIS-KOICA DCPP Evaluation Conference

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 Last updated: 2018-02-13

On February 12, 2018, the SNU GSIS-KOICA DCPP Evaluation Conference was held under the topic: “Effective Development Cooperation on Higher Education.” It was a rare event where both DCPP graduates and current students gathered to discuss about their experiences and how their experience at GSIS contributed to their current field of work.  Professor Park Cheol-Hee, Dean of GSIS delivered the welcoming remarks and Professor Ahn Dukgeun, Associate Dean of GSIS presented a special lecture on the “Current issues in the World Trading System.” Two presentations from our DCPP alumni, Mr. Wiqar Ahmad and Mr. Jorge Miguel Castillo Castro were also delivered.

A round table on the “Higher Education and Development Issues in Each Country” was conducted under Professor Byun Oung’s moderation and 3 of our 10th batch DCPP students (Mr. Kacou N’Douba Didier Simplice, Ms. Tetteh Pearl Naa Dedei, and Mr. Macha Raphael Heri) participated. Professor Jeong Hyeok, Director of DCPP delivered the closing remarks to conclude the event.