2018 Campus Asia Winter Program-BESETO DDMP

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 Last updated: 2018-02-06

From January 29th, the winter program of Campus Asia in GSIS, SNU started under the title of “Peace and PyeongChang”: Enhancing Peace and Cooperation in East Asia. In total, 11 students are participating in this program from Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul National University. This program will last until February 11th, and during this 2 weeks, 9 lectures are given by various professors from also Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul National University.

The titles of lectures were: ‘Changing World order and the Korean Peninsula’ by Prof. Park, Cheol-Hee(SNU)/ ‘East Asia in the world trading system: Trade disputes and Agreements’ by Prof. Ahn, Dukgeun(SNU)/’East Asia’s Economic Miracle: Japan, South Korea and Taiwan’ and ‘Socio-Demographic Challenges in East Asia: Declining Fertility Rates, Aging and Migration’ by Prof. Song, Jiyeoun(SNU)/’US Maximum pressure strategy and its implications for North-East Asian security’ and ‘DPRK nuclear issue: Is there a way out?’ by Prof. Han, Hua(PKU)/’The changing regional order in East Asia’ by Prof. Kohara Masahiro(U Tokyo)/ ‘Peace and Sports’ by Prof. Kang, Joon-Ho(SNU)/ ‘The Role of Next Generation in Enhancing Peace of 21st East Asia’ by Prof. Sheen, Seong-Ho.

On January 30th, started by the lunch and lecture given by Professor Park, Cheol-Hee, Dean of GSIS, SNU, students already taken 6 lectures and went to Jeonju for two-day field trip, and will attend 3 more lectures and going to enjoy the fantastic PyeongChang Winter Olympic on February 9th to 10th