Campus Asia Field Trip in Seoul

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 Last updated: 2017-10-11

On September 29th, 2017, 11 students from the Campus Asia Program joined in the one-day Seoul tour. They first visited Buk-Chon Dongyang Munhwa Museum which is small, but contained numerous displays that was inherited from different ancient civilizations, from Buddhist statues from ancient India, China, and the surrounding countries to Korean indigenous drawings. After a nice meal in Korean Hanshik restaurant, they visited the vicinity of Chadeokgung Palace, including Seoul Museum of Art which mainly held three unique exhibitions: Self-evolving City, the Art of Dissonance, and the Folk art. Moreover, they watched a Korean traditional music and dance performance in Chongdong Theatre. The performance, Lotus Flower, was unique in that the plot and the romance was easily understood by the spectators without any script. For the finale, the tour was concluded with Han River Park in Yeouido, where the students were able to view the modern Korean people’s leisure activities.