Campus Asia, Field Trip to Jeonju

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          On May 26th ~ 27th, 2017, a group of 9 students from the Campus Asia Program enjoyed two-day field trip in Jeonju.  They visited Han-ok maeul, the Korean traditional housing place to stay, which includes Geong-gi jeon and Omok-dae. As an experience, they enjoyed rail biking while watching beautiful sceneries of Jeonju, made night stand with dried flower and Han-ji, the Korean traditional paper. They also participated making rice cake and enjoyed delicious hand-made rice cake. They experienced Han-bok, the Korean traditional clothing and went to many places inside the traditional village. During the trip, they enjoyed delicious and traditional foods of Jeonju, including Jeonju bibimbap and Tteok-gal bi. During the trip, they experienced the essence of traditional area of Korea, learn about the life style.