The 37th Commencement of GSIS, SNU

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       The 37th Commencement of Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University was held on February 24, 2017.  Fifty four (54) Masters students in International Studies graduated, including 20 foreign students from 16 different countries. Prof. Cheol Hee Park, Dean of GSIS, congratulated the students for fulfilling the requirements and obtaining their degrees. The dean made congratulatory remarks and shared a few guiding principles for future success, introducing these principles through a new take on the GSIS acronym. G stands for ‘global mind’, S for ‘social awareness’, I for ‘integrity’, and S for ‘sacrifice’. The dean emphasized that as upcoming leaders of society, students must make sacrifices and dedicate themselves to the community. Lastly, he urged the graduating class to embrace those in need and establish trust. With the dean's remarks in mind, the students boldly embark on the next step of life's journey