The Prospect and Development of Global FTA System

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       On December 19, 2016, FTA Commerce and Strategy Program hosted the 2016 GSIS FTA Commerce & Strategy Academic Conference for Young Scholars by inviting 7 experts to give a presentation under the topic, “the Prospect and Development of Global FTA System.”  Session I invited Dr. Hyo-young Lee from Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), Dr. Minjung Kim from KDI School of Public Policy and Dr. Wonkyu Shin from Korea Development Institute (KDI). In order to wrap up Session I, 4 presenters from Session II gave some comments about the given presentations.  Session II continued with the 4 senior researchers from Center for International Commece & Strategy of GSIS, SNU. They were Dongchul Kwak, Jiyoung Yoo, Jeongjoon Park, and Kyounghwa Kim. Just like Session I, Session II wrap up was led by 3 presenters from Session I.