Off-Campus Events

Invitation to the 2017 The Asian Culture Sharing Forum

GSISlMarch 14, 2017l Hit 280

You are invited to attend and
participate in the open discussion

Keynote Speakers
President, Literary Translation Institute,
Min. of Culture, Korea
Professor of Yale University, U.S.A
Critic of Performing Art, Korea
Keynote Speakers

1. Is there the Asian culture? What are the characteristic features of the Asian culture?
2. Besides the Asian culture, does each country in Asia still has a unique culture? What are the characteristic features
of the unique culture in your country?
3. How can you effectively introduce and exchange your unique culture with neighboring countries in Asia?
4. Why cultural exchange will benefit development of all participating countries?

Eight graduate school students, young leaders, and professionals recruited and awarded scholarships for this
Forum through an open competition across the whole Asian countries.

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