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한일중 3국협력 논문경진대회 안내

GSISlJune 19, 2017l Hit 211

외교부와 세종연구소는 한 일 중 3국협력에 대한 대학(원)생들의 관심을 고취
하고 3국협력의 발전에 기여할 참신한 의견을 청취하고자 3국협력 발전방안 및
동북아정세에 관한 논문을 아래와 같이 공모합니다.

1. 행사개요
ㅇ 주제 : 한·일·중 3국협력과 관련된 자유 주제
- 3국 관계의 발전을 위한 내용으로, 동북아 정세를 주제로 하는 경우
에도 3국협력 관련 정책적 제언을 포함할 것을 권장
※ 예시) 동북아 평화와 협력 진전 방안, 영토분쟁과 한·일·중 협력, 환경과 한·일·
중 협력, 생물다양성과 한·일·중 협력, 한·일·중 FTA 추진방안, 북한 문제
와 한·일·중 협력 등
ㅇ 참여대상 : 학부생 및 대학원생(석·박사 과정, 국적무관)
ㅇ 응모단위 : 개인 및 팀 단위(4인 이내) 참가
2. 응모방법
ㅇ 응모기간 : 2017. 6. 1 ~ 10. 15.
ㅇ 제출서류 : 응모논문, 별첨 신청서(지도교수 확인서 포함) 및 서약서(자
필 스캔본), 재학증명서
※ 단 재학증명서의 경우 즉시 발급이 어려울 시(교환학생 등) 사후 제출 가능
ㅇ 전자메일접수 :
3. 논문작성 방법
ㅇ 논문양식: 외교부(세종연구소 홈페이지(
및 첨부문서 참조
ㅇ 작성언어: 한국어 또는 영어
ㅇ 논문분량: 200자 원고지 100매(A4 용지 12매) 내외
4. 결과발표 및 시상
ㅇ 1차심사 결과 발표 : 2017년 10월 4주차 입선자(00명)에게 개별통보
- 입선자는 우수논문 발표회 및 교류행사 참석 자격 부여
- 입선자 중 우수논문 선정자는 발표회 프리젠테이션 준비
ㅇ 우수논문 발표회 및 교류행사(추후 통보)
- 우수논문 선정작은 발표토론회(2차심사)를 통해 외교부장관상 및 상금 수여
- 시상내역 : 최우수상 300만원, 우수상 200만원, 장려상 100만원
※ 적격자가 없을 경우 시상하지 않을 수도 있음.
5. 유의사항
ㅇ 논문은 본인의 순수창작물이어야 하며, 접수된 논문의 저작권은 외교부
에 귀속됨.
ㅇ 제출 서류 일체는 반환되지 않음.
ㅇ 타기관 공모대회 입선 입상작, 학위 논문, 학술지 및 논문집 등에 이미
발표된 논문은 응모 불가
- 추후에라도 상기 사항에 해당하거나 표절 등 부정한 논문으로 확인
되는 경우, 수상 취소 및 상금 환수 조치
ㅇ 기타사항 문의 : 031) 750-7615 세종연구소 연구기획본부

[Thesis Competition on Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation]

In order to instill interest in the topic of Korea-Japan-China Trilateral cooperation and to gather creative opinions that could countribute to the development of the trilateral cooperation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sejong Institute calls for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the thesis competition on the topic of measures to advance the tri9lateral cooperation and of Northeast Asian political affairs

1. General Information
? Topic: Any topic related to Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation
- The topic should focus on trilateral cooperation. Thus, applicants are encouraged to include policy recommendations for trilateral cooperation even if the topic is on Northeast Asian political affairs.
※ Examples) Action Plans to bolster peace and cooperation in Northeast Asia, Territorial Disputes and Trilateral Cooperation, Environment and Trilateral Cooperation, Biological Diversity and Trilateral Cooperation, Implementation plans for Korea-China-Japan FTA, North Korea and Trilateral Cooperation, etc.
? Eligibility: Undergraduate students and/or graduate students enrolled in a master’s or doctorate programs (irrespective of nationality)
? Applicant(s): Individual or group (of 4 or less)
2. How to Apply
? Submission Period: June 1 ~ October 15, 2017
? Required Documents: Thesis, Application Form and Written Pledge (scanned version with applicant’s own handwriting), Certificate of Enrollment
※ The Certificate of Enrollment may be submitted later if the applicant cannot submit it by the deadline (i.e., in case of an exchange student, etc.).
? Submission Method: Electronic submission. Attach the required documents and send them to
3. Guidelines on Thesis Writing
? Format: Refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( or the Sejong Institute ( website and/or see the attached document.
? Languages: Korean or English
? Length: Around 100 pages of 200-letter manuscript paper (around 12 pages on A4 paper)
4. Result Announcement and Award Ceremony
? Preliminary Screening: The preliminary screening result will be individually informed on the fourth week of October 2017 to the applicants whose theses are selected.
- The applicants whose theses have been selected will be invited to attend the thesis presentation and exchange event.
- The selected applicants will be asked to prepare a presentation on their thesis.
? Thesis Presentation and Discussion Event (detailed schedule to be informed later):
- Applicants with excellent theses will be awarded at the presentation and discussion event. Awards endorsed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and monetary rewards will be given to the awardees.
- Prize Details: Grand Prize: 3 million Korean won, Excellence Award: 2 million Korean won, and Encouragement Award: 1 million Korean won.
※ Awards may not be granted if there are no eligible applicant(s).
4. Other Important Details
? The thesis should be the applicant’s original work. The copyright of the submitted theses will be reverted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
? All submitted documents will not be returned.
? The following theses are not eligible for submission: theses awarded at other competitions, degree theses, and theses that have been submitted to other academic journals or collection of papers/dissertations.
- If any award-winning thesis is identified to have fallen under one of the above categories or to have violated the research ethics such as plagiarism, the award and prize will be immediately withdrawn even after the competition.
? For more information: Contact the Research Support Team of the Sejong Institute at 031) 750-7615.

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