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The 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2017 at the United Nations

GSISlFebruary 17, 2017l Hit 664

“I think Humanitarian Affairs UK has created such a wonderful platform for you to gather together to discuss leadership, to discuss your own actions,

and to deal with humanitarian and development challenges that the world faces.”  

Mr. Haoliang Xu, Assistant Secretary General, United Nations New York


Humanitarian Affairs UK will host the 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) 2017 at United Nations, Bangkok in Thailand from August 1st to 7th 2017. The theme of the Symposium is “Building LIFE, Giving HOPE”. We are expecting about 900 emerging world leaders from the United Nations Member States to participate in this event which focuses on developing leaders to bring social change.


The USLS is a week-long Leadership Conference in Social Development for young leaders from all over the world. The purpose is to instil a sense of social responsibility as well as to cultivate the attributes of selfless giving among our emerging world leaders. The young participants will learn what it means to give back to the community and be challenged to respond to the needs of the marginalized with works of kindness and unconditional service. Delegates will have the opportunity to expand their professional network and understanding of world affairs. They will be motivated to use their knowledge and leadership skills to impact the communities in need.


Humanitarian Affairs UK, is affiliated to United Nations Global Compact, World Association of Non-Governmental Organization, International Association for Voluntary Efforts and the World Alliance for Citizens Participation.  More information about the program, speakers and fees of the Symposium can be obtained from or from United Nations webpage at : UN Reliefweb. For other enquiry, kindly write to


You can view the video documentation of 2016 Symposium in Vietnam. Click on the picture below for the video.

저는 영국 인도지원 사무국이 여러분 모두가 모여서 리더십뿐만 아니라 자신의 행동,

세계가 직면한 인도주의  개발 도전과제들을 논의하기 위해 함께 토론할  있는 놀라운 플랫폼을 만들었다고 생각합니다.”

Mr. Haoliang Xu, 사무차장보, UN 뉴욕


영국 인도지원 사무국은 2017 8 1일부터 7일까지 8 세계 청년 리더십 심포지엄을 (USLS) 태국 방콕에서 개최합니다본 심포지엄의 주제는 삶을 개척하고희망을 나누자!” 입니다. 우리는 유엔 회원국 내 약 900명의 차기 세계지도자들이 사회변화를 불러일으킬 수 있는 지도자들 양성에 초점을 맞춘 이 행사에 참여할 것으로 기대합니다.


USLS는 전 세계 젊은 지도자들을 위해 일주일간 진행되는 사회발전 분야 내 리더십 콘퍼런스입니다. 본 사무국은 우리의 떠오르는 세계지도자들에게 이타적인 나눔의 속성을 길러줄 뿐만 아니라 사회적 책임을 불어 넣어줄 기회가되기를 기대합니다. 배움의 여정은 우리의 젊은 지도자들이 혜택받지 못한 사람들에게 연민 때문에 비롯된 행동과 조건 없는 도움을 통해 지역사회에 되돌려주는 것이 무엇을 의미하는지를 알 수 있도록 길을 제시합니다. 참가자들은 그들의 전문적인 네트워크와 세계정세에 관한 이해를 넓힐 기회를 갖게 될 것입니다. 그들은 도움을 필요로 하는 지역사회에 영향을 끼칠 수 있는 그들의 지식과 리더십 능력을 사용하도록 동기를 부여받게 될 것입니다.


영국 인도지원 사무국은 유엔글로벌컴팩(United Nations Global Compact), 세계비정부기구협회(World Association of Non-Governmental Organization), 국제자발적협회(International Association for Voluntary Efforts), 시민 참여를 위한 세계 동맹(World Alliance for Citizens Participation)과 제휴하고 있습니다. 프로그램 정보, 심포지엄 연사 및 등록비는 or Korean Brochure. 에서 확인 가능합니다. 또한 으로 이메일을 보내주세요.


* 베트남에서 개최된 2016년 심포지엄의 비디오를 아래의 링크에서 확인할 수 있습니다.

[Students who are interested in being selected as representatives of South Korea can send their application form by March 10, directly to ]
Then the Selection Committee will review it. 

* Please refer to the attachment below. 

  1. Promotional blurb about USLS
  2. Brochure of the USLS ( click here for the online version:e-Brochure (English), e-Brochure (Korean) )
  3. Delegate Application Form ( please send your application directly to  )

This prestigious leadership conference is also available on the Relief Web of United Nations.
(Application From is also inlcuded in this link)

Don't miss this valuable opportunity! 

Hope a lot of you can participate.  Thank you! 



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