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  • The 33rd Global Leaders’ Program of GSIS, SNU

    GSISl Mar 29, 2016 l Hit 901

    The 33rd Global Leadership Program of Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University held entrance ceremony on March, 10th at Mugunghwa Hall, Hoam Faculty House. Total of fifty one (51) global leaders have registered th...

  • Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    GSISl Mar 29, 2016 l Hit 845

    The 23rd Development Policy Seminar was held on March 17, 2016 at GL room, GSIS Bldg. GSIS. Mr. Artemy Izmestiev, Policy Specialist from UNDP Seoul Policy Center for Glboal Devleopment Partnerships gave a special lecture on ‘...

  • A Field trip to Seoul City Hall and National Assembly

    GSISl Mar 29, 2016 l Hit 848

    The 8th Member of Development Cooperation Policy Program (DCPP) went on a field trip to Seoul City Hall and National Assembly of the Republic of Korea on March 4, 2016. The twelve (12) members of the students enthusiastically wishe...

  • 7th Development Cooperation Policy Program Commencement

    GSISl Mar 29, 2016 l Hit 909

    The 7th Development Cooperation Policy Program(DCPP) Commencement was held on December 14, 2015 at GL room of GSIS 140 bldg. Fifteen (15) students have graduated with master degrees for International Studies. Most of the graduates of DCPP have returned...

  • FTA Commerce &Strategy Program Spring-2016 Orientation

    GSISl Mar 18, 2016 l Hit 1006

    FTA Commerce & Strategy Program has hosted an orientation for spring-2016 semester on March 15th at GL Room. In the event, Professor Dukgeun Ahn, the professor who is in charge of the Program, gave a welcoming speech for all the participating students. The orientatio...

  • The 193rd Seminar with Invited Japanese Specialist

    GSISl Mar 18, 2016 l Hit 903

    On March 15, 2016 at GSIS bldg., current professor of Modern Japanese Politics at Waseda University, Professor Umemori Naoyuki gave a lecture on ‘People and Unpatriotic people: A Case of High Treason, Focusing on Ahn, Joongkeun’s case&rsq...

  • Entrance Ceremony for the 2nd Members of CHAMP

    GSISl Mar 17, 2016 l Hit 918

    An Entrance Ceremony for the 2nd Members of CHAMP was held on March 2nd, at Global Leaders’ room, GSIS building. About 40 new members have enrolled in the program. The Entrance Ceremony started by Mr. Young Il Lee, the presid...

  • FTA Commerce &Strategy Program, the 2nd Information Session

    GSISl Mar 10, 2016 l Hit 1042

    On March 4, 2016, FTA Commerce and Strategy Program had a 2nd information session in GL Room for both incoming and current students of GSIS this semester. In the event, Jeongjoon James Park, a program coordinator of FTA Commerce & Strategy Program, gav...

  • GLiMPSE Consortium Conference

    GSISl Mar 8, 2016 l Hit 1076

    For three(3) days, as of March 2nd to March 4th, GLiMPSE Consortium Conference was held at GSIS, SNU. Professors from KDI, GSIS, and ESSEC from Paris, KU-LEUVEN from Belgium had participated in the Consortium Conference and had discussion...

  • GSIS Spring-2016 semester orientation for the New Comers

    GSISl Mar 4, 2016 l Hit 1029

    The Orientation for the new starting students of spring-2016 semester was held at Socheon Conference Hall on Wednesday, March 2, 2016. The orientation started by Professor Hyeok JEONG, associate dean of international affairs introducing the dean of GSIS, Professor Chong-...

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