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  • Farewell ceremony for the Dean of GSIS Has files

    GSISl Sep 26, 2006 l Hit 4109

    On September 8th, 2006 GSIS held a farewell ceremony for our beloved Dean Yongdeok Kim. We greatly appreciate all the hard work and dedication he has contributed for GSIS during his time as our dean. He has been appointed through invitation to be the chairman of the Northeast ...

  • Graduation Ceremony Has files

    GSISl Sep 6, 2006 l Hit 4302

    On August 28th at Socheon Convention Hall, the graduation ceremony for GSIS Masters Degree candidates was held. At the Graduation ceremony Ms. Eunyoung Ko delivered a valedictory speech representing her fellow graduating classmates Professors, distinguished guests, and family ...

  • Barbecue party Has files

    GSISl Jun 26, 2006 l Hit 5512

    On June 14th, GSIS held a barbecue party for celebrating the end of the 2006 spring semester. The dean, associate dean, professors, and students were all in attendance for the celebration. The location for the party was originally set to be held at the Nochungangdang lawn, but...

  • Teacher's Day Has files

    GSISl Jun 26, 2006 l Hit 4447

    On May 15th, enrolled GSIS students held a Teacher's Day event in the GL room for our distinguished and dedicated teachers. With the guidance of the student council, the student body prepared the event and festivities for the party to show their appreciation and love for their...

  • Hyewon Lee was selected as a "JPO" Has files

    GSISl Jun 21, 2006 l Hit 6613

    Hyewon Lee (International Cooperation ’04) was selected as one of this year's JPOs, having passed the exam administered by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Hyewon, who is currently working as a researcher at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Securi...

  • Inauguration Ceremony of the SNU-KIEP EU Center Has files

    GSISl May 2, 2006 l Hit 5255

    The Inauguration Ceremony of the SNU-KEIP EU center at Seoul National University was held at 5:00pm, 20 April 2006, Socheon Convention Hall, GSIS. The Center was established by the European Commission, Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), SNU and Korea Institute fo...

  • Opening Ceremony of Socheon Convention Hall Has files

    GSISl May 2, 2006 l Hit 4471

    The Opening Ceremony of Socheon Convention Hall of GSIS was held at 11:00, Wednesday 19 April. Un-Chan Chung, President of SNU and Yongdeok Kim, Dean of GSIS, gave opening speeches to the event where professors and students of GSIS, as well as other visitors attended.

  • GSIS Spring MT (March 2006) Has files

    GSISl Apr 17, 2006 l Hit 5250

    Incoming freshmen and enrolled students, as well as three professors joined the Spring MT to Sancheon Prairie in Gapyeong, Gyunggido from the 24th to the 25th of March.

  • Orientation for Freshmen (March 2006) Has files

    GSISl Apr 13, 2006 l Hit 4579

    The Spring 2006 Orientation Session was held on thursday 2nd of March 2006 in the GL Room at GSIS. Incoming students of Spring 2006 were able to obtain useful information regarding their academic studies at GSIS as well as for life at GSIS.

  • Graduation Ceremony (February 2006) Has files

    GSISl Apr 13, 2006 l Hit 4688

    Graduate Candidates recieved their Masters degree certificate on the 24th of February 2006 in the GL Room at GSIS.Professors and respective guests attended the ceremony to congratulate those who completed their degree this spring.

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