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  • Graduation Ceremony Has files

    GSISl Mar 5, 2007 l Hit 3929

    On February 26th at Socheon Convention Hall, the graduation ceremony for GSIS Masters Degree candidates was held. At the Graduation ceremony Mr. Sanghwan Hwang delivered a valedictory speech representing him fellow graduating classmates. Professors, distinguished guests, and f...

  • Prof. David Straub will lecture at GSIS Has files

    GSISl Jan 29, 2007 l Hit 3926

    David Straub, former Korea country director at the U.S. Department of State, will lecture at Seoul National University (SNU) this spring. He will lecture for one semester at the Graduate School of International Studies, SNU . `I will be discussing U.S.-Korea, Japan-Korea relat...

  • The grand prize at the graduate student trade thes Has files

    GSISl Dec 1, 2006 l Hit 4760

    Four GSIS students won the grand prize at the graduate student trade thesis competition held by the Korea International Trade Association and the Korea Economic Daily. Yoon Yung Choi, Eun Jin Lee, Yoon Jung Lee, and Moon Yun Yoon, gathered under the team name of Jaegahlgongmyu...

  • Prime Minister of Denmark, H.E. Anders Fogh Rasmus Has files

    GSISl Nov 24, 2006 l Hit 3711

    Our GSIS had the privilege to host the Prime Minister of Denmark, H.E. Anders Fogh Rasmussen on November 23, 2006. The Prime Minister delivered a speech which covered various points in relation to how Europe and Asia will progress in the globalized world we have upon us today....

  • Chinese ambassador Ning FuKui Has files

    GSISl Nov 24, 2006 l Hit 4201

    A special lecture was delivered by Chinese ambassador Ning FuKui on “Sino-Korea relations and the PRK nuclear issue” on Nov. 16th, 2006. First part of his lecture was on the history, current situation and prospects of Korea-China relations, and then he also touched upon contro...

  • Special Lecture by Prof. Francis Fukuyama Has files

    GSISl Nov 9, 2006 l Hit 4170

    A special lecture was given by Prof. Fukuyama on “American Foreign Policy after the Bush Doctrine” on November 8th, 2006. Prof. Fukuyama presented some of his criticisms in regards to American foreign policy and shared a few suggestions on what critical issues will be faced in...

  • POSCO-Asia Fellowship Scholarship Recipient Confer Has files

    GSISl Nov 9, 2006 l Hit 3704

    POSCO-Asia Fellowship Scholarship Recipient Conferment Ceremony On November 2, 2006 in the Faculty Conference Room of Bld. 140-1, Rm. 507, the conferment ceremony for our 5 Posco scholarship recipients was held. The Executive Vice President of Posco, Kwangwoong Choi, was in at...

  • Special Lecture by Mr. George Soros Has files

    GSISl Nov 9, 2006 l Hit 3498

    A special lecture was given by Mr. George Soros on October 19th, 2006 at the Socheon International Convention Hall. He took some time to introduce his most recent publication on “The Age of fallibility” and stressed a need for a convergence of views and ideas from many people ...

  • Foreign Service exam passed by Jeongmi Heo &Junhee Has files

    GSISl Sep 27, 2006 l Hit 5421

    This year two currently enrolled GSIS students have successfully passed the Foreign Service examination. Jeongmi Heo : International Cooperation Major (entering class of 2005) Junhee Lee : International Area Studies Major - American studies (entering class of 2005) Congratulat...

  • Farewell ceremony for the Dean of GSIS Has files

    GSISl Sep 26, 2006 l Hit 4095

    On September 8th, 2006 GSIS held a farewell ceremony for our beloved Dean Yongdeok Kim. We greatly appreciate all the hard work and dedication he has contributed for GSIS during his time as our dean. He has been appointed through invitation to be the chairman of the Northeast ...

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