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  • FTA Commerce &Strategy Seminar Series 1: Chasing the Dream- The Experience Working in the Worl... New Posting

    GSISl Mar 23, 2017 l Hit 6

    On March 22th, 2017, Ha Youn Kim, World Bank Group’s Consultant in Education and Global Practice, gave a lecture to the students in the FTA Commerce and Strategy program about “Chasing The Dream: The Experience Working In The World...

  • Another Library Orientation to be Held on March 20th

    GSISl Mar 17, 2017 l Hit 69

    The International Library held an orientation on “How to use the Library“ on March 13, 2017. The event was planned by GSIS Student Council, and conducted by the International Library’s Sangmi Yang. The...

  • Orientation for the FTA Commerce &Strategy Program

    GSISl Mar 14, 2017 l Hit 99

    FTA Commerce & Strategy Program has hosted an orientation for Spring-2017 semester on March 13 at GL Room. Due to the absence of Professor Dukgeun Ahn who is in charge of the Program, Jeongjoon Par...

  • GSIS Student Orientation in Spring-2017 Semester

    GSISl Mar 9, 2017 l Hit 200

    Thursday, March 2 marked the first day of the academic year at SNU GSIS. For most students at GSIS, the day meant a return to the familiar routines of academic life. To assuage these potential fears and make new students feel welcome, GSIS traditionally holds an o...

  • Delegation from GSICS, Kobe Univ. visits GSIS, SNU

    GSISl Mar 7, 2017 l Hit 97

    The delegation of GSICS(Graduate School of Int. Cooperation Studies) from Kobe University visited GSIS, SNU on March 7th, 2017. Five (5) staff and faculty members from GSICS, headed by associate professor Yoshiko KOISHI had m...

  • Dean's Welcoming Remarks

    GSISl Mar 6, 2017 l Hit 57

    Dear GSIS Faculty and staffs, Newly-incoming students, I am very happy to have you today as new entrants to the graduate school of international studies at Seoul National University. On behalf of all the faculties and staffs of GSIS, I would like to congratulate you on joining...

  • The 37th Commencement of GSIS, SNU

    GSISl Feb 28, 2017 l Hit 290

    The 37th Commencement of Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University was held on February 24, 2017. Fifty four (54) Masters students in International Studies graduated, including 20 foreign students from 16 dif...

  • Dean's Congratulatory Remarks

    GSISl Feb 24, 2017 l Hit 194

    Congratulatory Remarks (February 24, 2017) Dear Distinguished Guests, Faculty Members, Graduating Students, Their Parents, and Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my great pleasure and honor to announce this afternoon that 54 students will receive MA degree in International Stu...

  • Korean Studies as Soft Power in the United States: Past, Present, and Future

    GSISl Feb 20, 2017 l Hit 183

    On February 17th, Professor Eugene Y. Park from the Univ. of Pennsylvania, also the director of James Joo-Jin Kim Program in the Korean Studies, gave a special lecture on the topic of “Korean Studies as Soft Power in the United States: Past, Present,...

  • 2017 Spring Quarter Info Session for incoming students

    GSISl Feb 17, 2017 l Hit 338

    On February 15, 2017, GSIS Student Council hosted the 2017 Spring Quarter Info Session for incoming graduate students. Student Council President, Beomcheol Lee, and Treasurer, Tim Rolfes, gave a presentation on course registration, graduation requirements,...

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