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Hur, Kyung-Wook

Hur, Kyung-Wook

  • Office : Room 302, Bldg. 140-2
  • Contact : [Tel] (82-2) 880-2925
  • E-mail :

    Feb. 1978
    Graduated from the Department of Business Administration, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
    Feb. 1980 Graduated from the Graduate School of Business Administration, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
    Jul. 1988 MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business, U.S.A

    Dec. 1978
    Passed High Civil Service Examination
    Mar. 1998 Director, International Financial Institutions Division, Ministry of Finance and Economy(MOFE)
    Jan. 1999 Director, Financial Cooperation Division, MOFE
    Oct. 1999 Director, International Financial Policy Division, MOFE
    Aug. 2001 Senior Economist, PDR, IMF(International Monetary Fund)
    May 2004 Director General, Ministry of Planning and Budget(MPB)
    Oct. 2006 Director General, International Finance Bureau, MOFE
    Sep. 2007 Deputy Minister for International Affairs, MOFE
    Mar. 2008 Secretary to the President for National Agenda
    Jan.2009-Apr.2010 Vice Minister, Ministry of Strategy and Finance(MOSF)
    May. 2010 Ambassador, Permanent Delegation of Republic of Korea to the OECD
    Dec. 2010 Elected as the Chairman of the OECD Pension Budget and Reserve Fund Management Board (PBRF)

    International Finance in Practice 2013.9-12
    International Trade Seminar 1.