Name Courses
Byun, Oung Seminar on Area Studies: Conflict Analysis and Development Strategy
Hwang, Hye-Kyung Workshop in International Commerce 1: Marketing Strategy
Jiyin Do Seminar in North Korea: Politics and Economy in North Korea
Jun, jiweon Comparative Methodology (비교방법론)
Kadir Ayhan Workshop in International Cooperation 2: Global Governance and NGOs
Kweon, Young Sook Understanding Int. Human Rights and Refgugee Issues (국제 인권과 난민문제의 이해)
Lee, Hyun Kyung Seminar in Korean Studies (한국학 세미나)
Moon, Hyun-a Seminar in Korean Studies: Changes in Korean Society and the Gender Issue
Park, Sun-Hee Political Development of the European Union
Shin, Wonkyu Workshop in International Commerce 2: Advanced Quantitative Methods for Trade and Development Policy Analysis