Kim Jae-Ik Fellowship

The Kim Jae-Ik Fellowship is a scholarship program designed to invite promising government officials and employees in the public sector from developing countries to the Master’s or Doctoral Program at the Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University (SNU-GSIS), supporting their studies at one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in Korea. This fellowship is intended to encourage the development of human resources in developing countries and also to strengthen economic and diplomatic ties with Korea. The fellowship covers full tuition and living expenses for up to a maximum of 4 semesters at SNU-GSIS in Korea.

One fellowship will be awarded to a student from a developing country, this year. The Kim Jae-Ik Fellowship continues to expand the scope of its social contributions and hopes to provide additional developing countries with more scholarships in the future. Universities are invited to recommend students to the Fellowship, for the Master’s or Doctoral program at SNU-GSIS.

This Fellowship promotes mutual understanding between developing countries and Korea, and strengthens professional abilities of the countries’ elite officials. The Kim Jae-Ik Fellowship hopes to further the knowledge and contribution to economic development of their respective countries, which will in turn benefit different societies, economies, and cultures of the world.

Financial Support

Financial Support
Number of
DurationTotal SupportRemarks
1 2 semesters
(12 months)
KRW 25,000,000
USD 23,000 * USD 1 = KRW 1,082)
The scholarship may be extended for 2 more semesters. The student’s academic achievements will be re-evaluated after the first year to determine the student’s eligibility for the extension. (maximum of 4 semesters)

Eligibility for Application

Applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

Common Requirements

  • He or she holds a Bachelor's degree (for those applying for Master's Program), or Master's degree (for those applying for Doctoral Program)
  • Applicants must be government officials or employees in the public sector from developing countries of citizenship.
  • Parents of the applicants must not be citizens of Korea.
  • Applicants are required to contribute to economic and social development of their country.

Required Documents

Admissions Process

All submitted applications and materials will be thoroughly reviewed by the GSIS SNU faculty and the Kim Jae-Ik Foundation. The applicant must pass through the SNU admissions process. Of the students who qualify the SNU admissions process, 1 student will be granted the Kim Jae-Ik Fellowship.

Submitting Your Application

  • Applicants whose forms and supporting documents are incomplete or unsatisfactory will be disqualified from the admissions process.
  • A high volume of web traffic is anticipated on the deadline; completing the application prior to the deadline is highly recommended.
  • To apply to GSIS SNU, you need to follow the GSIS application instruction (The Kim Jae-Ik application form is only for scholarship). When you complete the application process, please submit both of your application for the Kim Jae-Ik fellowship and SNU required application materials to the Office of Admissions at Seoul National University.
  • Please refer to the SNU Admission website;
    * Admission Guide for International Students at SNU
    * Admission Forms to SNU

Application Address

Office of Admissions
Seoul National University
1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu
Seoul 151-742, Korea
Tel. +82-2-880-6977

Important Notes for All Applicants

  • All documents should be in English or Korean. Documents in other languages should be accompanied by a notarized English or Korean translation.
  • If any of the submitted materials contain false information, admission may be rescinded.
  • Original documents should be submitted. Should they be unavailable, copies must be authorized by the originating institution before they are submitted.
  • Students whose graduations are pending at other institutions during the time of application should submit their Graduation Certificates and the Certificates of their degrees to their departments within 15 days after the first day of after enrollment at SNU.
  • Be sure to make and keep photocopies of all completed forms. Submitted documents become property of SNU and will not be returned to the applicants.
  • Admitted students may not defer the enrollment to a later semester. Students who wish to defer enrollment must reapply.
  • Please note that SNU issues the Certificate of Admission for VISA application only to admitted students.

Obligations to Maintain the Scholarship

  • The student’s academic achievements will be re-evaluated for eligibility to continue receiving the scholarship after the first year (2 semesters)
  • The student must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above out of 4.3 each semester to preserve scholarship eligibility.

Inquiries Regarding Application

For more information about the application or other aspects of the admissions process or Kim Jae-Ik Fellowship Program, please consult the following

Inquiries Regarding Application
For AdmissionsFor Kim Jae-Ik Fellowship Program
Office of Admissions, SNU
Tel: +82-2-880-6977
Fax: +82-2-880-6979/6996
Office of Int'l Cooperation, GSIS, SNU
Tel: +82-2-880-8505
Fax: +82-2-879-1496