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Distinguished Lectures
Date Title / Speaker
Oct 11, 2013
GSIS Sports Day


- 09:00-12:00

Sep 26, 2013
Economic Development Policy Seminar

- Joo-Young Lee

Human Rights Center to Seoul National University

- 10:30-12:00

Jul 12, 2013
The Future of Korean Studies

- John Duncan, Matsubara Takatoshi,et al.

John Duncan: Professor at UCLA
Matsubara Takatoshi: Professor at Kyushu University

- 09:30-16:00

Jul 9, 2013
U.S. Pivot to Asia and Asia’s Responses

- Mark Manyin, Zhu Fengm, Cheol-Hee Park, Seong-Ho Sheen

Mark Manyin: Specialist in Asian Affairs, Congressional Research Service (CRS)
Zhu Feng: Professor of School of International Studies, Peking University
Cheol-Hee Park: Professor, SNU-GSIS
Seong-Ho Sheen: Professor at SNU-GSIS

- 15:30-17:30

Jun 24, 2013
International Development and TVET

- Raymond Doherty

National Project Coordinator-UNESCO-Better Education for Africa’s Rise(BEAR),Botswana Technical Advisor/Team Leader(E.U)-TVET GTC/BCET Augmentation-(20 years in international development and education)

- 14:00-15:30

Jun 17, 2013
Development Strategies of Korea and China

- Hwy-Chang Moon, Hyun-Chul Kim, Tae-Gyun Park, Cheol-Hee Park

Professors, GSIS, SNU

- 15:00-17:00

Jun 7, 2013
Towards Education for All: Development of a Post-2015 Education Agenda

- HeeWoong Kim

Program Specialist, Korean National Commission for UNESCO

- 11:00-12:30

Jun 5, 2013
Africa's Journey toward sustainable Development and Its Potential Partnership with the ROK

- Maged Abdelfatah Abdelaziz

Special Adviser on Africa for United Nations Secretary-General

- 16:30-18:00

Jun 3, 2013
Without A Captain at the Helm

- Charles A. Kupchan

Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University, Whitney H. Shepardson Senior Fellow of Council on Foreign Relations

- 16:00-18:00

May 30, 2013
De facto Integration of East Asia Economies

- Eisuke Sakakibara

Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University

- 17:00-18:30