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Distinguished Lectures
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May 30, 2005
International Banking(Case Study) - Asia Pulp and Paper Company Ltd.

- Robert Fallon

Chairman and CEO of Korea Exchange Bank

- 10:30-12:00

May 24, 2005
UN Reform with Special Emphasis on the Security Council Reform

- Oh Joon

Director-General for Int’l Organization,Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Korea

May 12, 2005
Three Approaches to East Asian Economic Cooperation

- Hugh T. Patrick

Professor, Columbia University

- 15:00

May 4, 2005
International Justice in the 21st Century: the Role of the International Criminal Court

- Sang-Hyun Song

Judge of the International Criminal Court, Hague, Netherlands, Professor of Law, Seoul National University

Apr 7, 2005
Working for World Bank

- Benedicte Boullet

Director of Staff Exchange Program, World Bank

Mar 29, 2005
Toyota Way at Genba

- Cho Fujio

CEO, Toyota Motor Ltd.

Dec 16, 2004
Geo-political Systems in East Asia and the Questions of Peace

- Albert M. Craig

Professor, Harvard University

Dec 10, 2004
Nov 17, 2004
Recent Developments in the European Union

- Dorian Ford Prince

Ambassador & Head of the EU, Delegation in the Republic of Korea

Nov 15, 2004