FTA Commerce & Strategy Program

Launched together with the “FTA Leadership Program (FLP)” on March 2, 2013, the FTA Commerce and Strategy Program targets the MIS students at GSIS, SNU. The objective of this program is to train students into professionals with expertise in free trade and regional integration.

This program is offered to GSIS Master’s students of any major who are interested in FTA-related issues. Students must consult and gain approval from their academic advisors before applying. The program consists of 40 participants in every semester, all of whom must obtain 12 credits from the courses designated to the FTA program and should write their thesis on a FTA-related issue. Students who have successfully completed the program will be rewarded a certificate by the Dean of GSIS.  However, the acceptance of new aplicants has been indefinitely suspended.


Orientation (GL room, bldg. 140, GSIS) -  current participants
March 13, 2017 (Monday) 12:00 – 13:00

For more information, contact 02-880-4040 or 


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