Thesis Submission

Requirements for Thesis Submission

(1) Enrolled for at least four semesters
(2) Completed at least 45 credits
(3) Passed the thesis qualifying examination
(4) The case that can satisfy the conditions above (1), (2), (3) clauses by the thesis submission semester.

Deadline for Completion of Thesis

No more than 4 years after completion of coursework
Period of military service will not be counted into the limitation of the period stated above, and you can apply for a two-year extension, one time only.

Thesis Submission Timeline

Thesis Submission Timeline
Procedure1st Semester Thesis Submitter2nd Semester Thesis Submitter
Selection of thesis guide advisor and submission of application thesis plan Until previous year's October Until previous year's April
Submission of thesis proposal and presentation plan Until previous year's November Until previous year's May
Submission of application of thesis defense The end of March-early April The end of September-early October
Submission of the thesis for screening and abstract At the middle of April At the middle of October
Thesis defense At the middle of June At the middle of December
Submission of thesis for preservation Early August Early February

Process of Thesis Submission

  • Thesis Proposal
    After passing the thesis qualifying examination, usually in the third semester, you should consult with your academic advisor to select your thesis advisor.
    Once your thesis advisor is decided, submit an “Application for Thesis Proposal (MA)” to the GSIS Administration Office. Afterwards, you are required to submit your thesis proposal, which should be no less than 1 page (A4), to your thesis advisor. After your thesis advisor approves your thesis proposal, submit your thesis proposal with the “Thesis Proposal Screening Result Form” to the GSIS administrative Office.

    ※ Students who do not submit the thesis proposal in the third semester, due to studying abroad, etc., should finish it early of the 2nd month (April or October) of the 4th semester.
    ※ Students who wish to change their thesis titles after submitting their thesis proposal should submit a Change of Thesis Title Form to the GSIS Administrative Office with the approval of their thesis advisor.
  • Registration for Thesis Defense/ Thesis Screening Committee
    Once you have passed the thesis qualifying examination and submitted your approved thesis proposal, you will be required to submit both application forms for their thesis defense and the thesis screening fee to the GSIS Administration Office at the beginning of the semester in which you wish to earn your degree.

    The thesis screening committee should consist of 3 professors, including your thesis advisor. After you submit the application form for your thesis defense, the committee of academic affairs will make a decision on it.
  • Submission of Thesis Abstract & Thesis for Screening
    After submitting the application form for you thesis defense, you are required to turn in the abstract of your thesis and your thesis for screening to the Administration Office, one month earlier than the due date posted by the Administration Office.
  • Thesis Screening/Oral Test & Submission of Summary of Thesis
    The thesis defense and oral presentation will be scheduled one week prior to the screening date in consultation with the thesis screening committee. You are required to notify the GSIS Administration Office of the date of your thesis screening and to decide upon the classroom for the screening, after consulting with your committee professors. The screenings will be conducted in the form of oral presentations.

    On the day of your thesis defense, you need to submit a summary of your thesis to the thesis screening committee. After the screening, the chairman of the screening committee will document the committee’s unified opinion on the thesis and submit the response to the GSIS Administration Office.
  • Thesis Submission
    If you have successfully passed the thesis screening, you will need to submit 5 copies of the thesis, one of which should contain the Thesis Acceptance Certificate, along with one PDF file of your thesis to the SNU Library. 2 copies of your thesis, a PDF file, and a receipt from the SNU library, which confirms your thesis submission, should be submitted to the GSIS Administration Office.