Course Description

GSIS/SNU-KOICA Master’s Program of Development Cooperation Policy offers curricula exclusively for foreign students who seek top-quality education on international development cooperation policy. With the support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), an organization dedicated to fostering developing countries’ Human Resources Development (HRD), this program provides comprehensive and practical education on development policy to promising officials from developing countries, and focuses on enabling them to work as experts in the field of development in the future. In addition, students gain a chance to take a wide range of courses by faculty members specialized in development economics, law, politics, and so on. Government leaders in charge of development policy in a developing country play a key role in flourishing its economy and improving the quality of people’s life. GSIS/SNU-KOICA Master’s Program is a pivotal opportunity for officials from developing countries to deepen their knowledge in development policy, to broaden their perspectives on growth in a nation, and to be trained to become a potential leader in their countries.

The chart below lists the suggested courses of study for students in the Development Cooperation Policy program.


Course Description
Crs. No. Course Title