Global Support Programs

Global Lecture Program

Funded by Toyota Motor Corporation, Global Lecture Program, under the theme of ‘Asia and the World,’ has invited many different renowned people in a variety of fields such as politics, economics and academia. With the worldwide expansion of regional integration, Toyota Motor Corporation has donated 1 billion KRW throughout the last decade with the purpose of collecting diverse opinions for the Integration of East Asian Region through international seminars.

Global Lecture Program has invited many prominent features to give public lectures so far; for example, Professor Kent Calder of Johns Hopkins University; Professor Eisuke Sakakibara of Aoyama Gakuin University, Former Japanese Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs; and Professor Charles A. Kupchan of Georgetown University visited GSIS in 2013. Thanks to the prominence of the lecturers, this lecture series is often introduced in the media. In consequence, this contributes to making a positive image of Toyota Motor Corporation to the public.

Along with the distinguished lectures, regular courses from eminent scholars are provided to GSIS students each year. Invited scholars include Professor Srini Madhur of ADB, Professor Charles King Armstrong of Columbia University, Professor Harilaos Vittas of IMF, and so on.

It also supported International Summer School from 2008 to 2011 for the top three universities in East Asia, which are Seoul National University in Korea, Waseda University in Japan, and Peking University in China. Since 2012, support for International Summer School has been transferred to CAMPUS Asia Program between the governments of Korea, Japan, and China due to the expansion of the program.

The basic principles of the Program are ‘continuity’ and ‘maximum effectiveness.’ In this respect, the 2013-2016 Global Lecture Program will include quarterly public lectures with various speakers from expanded fields by regions and sectors, academic regular courses, student thesis competition.

Distinguished Lecture List:

Global Friendship Program

Funded by Hyundai Motor and Engineering and Construction Corporation, Global Friendship Program contains three different sub-programs: Life Friendship, Academic Friendship, and Global Forums. Life Friendship provides opportunities for professors and Korean and international students to share each other’s experience and to strengthen solidarity through roundtables, visits to industrial facilities, and other cultural activities. Academic Friendship provides students with seminars on Korean economic development and industrial development strategy and supports them in writing academic dissertations. Global Forums are to present highlights of Life Friendship and Academic Friendship to the public.

On September 2013, GSIS held its first SNU-GSIS Africa Day as a part of Global Friendship Program, which offered a variety of academic and cultural events. Throughout the day, presentations by the Nigerian Ambassador, the Directors of African Region from KOICA and Hyundai Corporation and more were followed by an African Cultural Performance, exhibitions of African Art and Movies, and an essay competition. All the money received through the lunch on Africa Day was donated to the World Food Programme (WFP).

Global Research Program

Global Research Program is funded by Samsung Electronics Corporation with 100 million KRW annually. It suggests accurate perspective through in-depth researches on key issues related to globalization and consigns scholars and experts with professionalism in related fields. With the financial support, Professors and Master/Ph.D. students have conducted cooperative researches. The achievement of their researches has been presented and discussed in conferences, once or twice a year. Here are the following conferences that have been held.

As a part of Global Research Program, GSIS held its first Annual Symposium on 27 March 2013, focusing on ‘Changes in the World and the Future of Korea.’ It was divided into two sessions about Korea's Politics and Diplomacy and Korea's Economy and Commerce. On July 25, an international forum was held with the title of "Constructing Trust Building and Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia.” It was consisted of two sessions, each of which dealt with 'FTA and Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia' and 'Trust Building Process in Northeast Asia.' Professors from GSIS and many other prominent scholars from abroad participated in the forum.

Likewise, the Socheon Center for Korean Studies hosted its first international workshop titled “The Future of Korean Studies.” For the morning session, scholars were invited from both home and abroad to commemorate the opening. For the afternoon session, two round tables were organized. Korean Studies scholars from around the world were invited for the first round table to brief on the current reality of Korean Studies in different parts of the world. The second round table invited three students to share the results of their researches; Shin Woo Lee (Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA), who researches on the implications of palace gates and walls that divide the royal court and the outside world, Jung Min Kim (Ph.D. Candidate, GSIS), who studies Korea’s response to rapidly changing global environment; and Keiran Macrae (M.A. Candidate, GSIS), who wrote his thesis on changing perceptions of Rhee Sung Man.

Global Scholarship Program

Various scholarship opportunities are open to students. Global Scholarship Program includes Socheon Scholarship, GLP Scholarship, KOGAS Global Fellowship, Min Kye-Sik Fellowship, Sung-Hee Scholarship, POSCO Asia Fellowship, POSCO Africa Fellowship, Kim Jae-Ik Fellowship, GSFS Scholarship, Silk-Road Scholarship, and AMP Scholarship.

One of the programs is GSIS/SNU-KOICA Master’s Program of Development Cooperation Policy that offers curricula exclusively for foreign students who seek top-quality education on international development cooperation policy. With the support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), this program provides comprehensive and practical education on development policy to promising officials from developing countries, and focuses on enabling them to work as experts in the field of development in the future. In addition, students gain chances to take a wide range of courses by faculty members specialized in development economics, law, politics, and so on. GSIS/SNU-KOICA Master’s Program is a pivotal opportunity for officials from developing countries to deepen their knowledge in development policy, to broaden their perspectives on national growth and to be trained to become a potential leader in their countries.

The other scholarship program that plays an important role in development of GSIS and support for students is GLP Scholarship. Since 2000, Global Leadership Program (GLP) has provided a theoretical and practical perspective on the most current Korean trade environment and business trends to Korea’s top leaders and professionals (past participants include CEOs, business executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, government officials, journalists, doctors, accountants, and many more). The GLP Alumni Association makes a substantial contribution for the development of GSIS and GLP and also grants scholarship to financially support students of GSIS.